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Happens to novice runners and professional runners alike—in training, the novelty wears off, the shin splints get fixed, and running becomes routine and tedious. Whether you've lost motivation to hit your 3-mile goal, or you're just tired of stepping on the pavement, there's hope to improve your athletic game. In fact, according to Jeff Galloway, a former Olympic athlete and running coach and author of Mental Training for Runners, a few small tweaks in your training can make all the difference.

According to Galloway, running has an evolutionary basis. "Our ancestors relied on moving forward for food," he said. "When walking turns into running, our brains speed up to higher levels as we're running away from predators or looking for a chance to survive." That's why even reluctant running can be done when it's done efficiently Produces positive results (as long as you don't push it to the point of vomiting or pain). "Think about those times when you don't want to run, but you're like, 'Oh, that's fine,' and by the end, you're going to feel a lot better," Galloway said. "Running opens up brain circuits that lead to good mood, energy, and personal empowerment." Use these tips to beat self-imposed boredom and learn to love every run.

4 expert tips to get you back running fun.

1. Implement the run-walk-run method.

Start with a simple solution like running a certain amount, then walking. Not only will your muscles, ligaments, and tendons be under less stress, but you'll be more likely to push and run farther. "We found that if you're at or above a critical level of discomfort that day, your subconscious 'monkey brain' releases hormones that hold you back," Galloway said. "Following a run-walk-run plan allows you to focus on each individual segment." If you're currently running 3 miles at a 12-minute-per-mile pace, break your routine by running for 60 seconds, then walking for 30 seconds.

2. Change your proportions

Use cognitive strategies to eliminate boredom and increase the fun of running. How about it? "Change the ratio every ten minutes," Galloway said. "Go from running for 60 seconds, walking for 30 seconds, to running for 30 seconds, resting for 30 seconds." The more you change the frequency, the less likely you are to develop old and boring habits. Use the change in running mode as an opportunity for an internal challenge. "See how many steps you can walk in 30 seconds," he said. "Increasing efficiency with stride will help you become a more efficient runner while keeping you engaged."

3.Repeat positive mantras

Do a mental rehearsal. If you know that one part of your usual run usually stalls, or you can foresee a 6-mile itch, create a game plan. According to Galloway, positive spells are key. Some of his favorite sayings include those aimed at your subconscious, such as "Stop your negativity, monkey brain" and "I feel good." I am under control. I can do it. "

It's also important to focus on what you're doing right now. "If you've run a lot and you know you're bored on the flat straights, redefine things by thinking, 'I'm going to run all the way to that hill,'" Galloway said. "Once you get there, break out of the top and try to go down."

4. Pay attention to the form

Don't think about how "boring" you are, but use the logged mileage as an opportunity to perfect your form (instead of knocking yourself to the ground). Considering aspects such as stride length, gait, and posture can promote your long-term running health while keeping your mind focused and focused. "When going uphill, take small steps, feel bare, keep your feet low, and avoid bouncing," Galloway said. "On the way down, don't let your stride go too far, and don't lean forward too far, so that you don't lose control of your speed." Running on flat ground? Keeping the body upright works for most people.

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