How to View Measured ECG Historical Data?

HealthWear(Download HealthWear’s Guide) can record your ECG data after measurement and provide it for you to review later.
First you need to know how to use your smartwatch with HealthWear to measure ECG.
  • Make sure you have your watch connected in HealthWear. Click the arrow in the picture below to connect your watch.


  • When you measure ECG, you can click ECG in the HealthWear interface, and then click "ECG measurement". When the "Wearing tips" window pops up, click "sure". Finally click "Start" while you correctly contact the watch electrodes (How does the BP Doctor Smartwatch Measure ECG: ). When the measurement is successful, HealthWear will have the ECG measurement results.
heart monitor watch
After Measurement, if you want to see the data later, you can click on the place shown by the red arrow in the picture below to view historical data.
  1. First, you enter the ECG interface and click "history record" (as shown in icon 1 below). After clicking on it, the history of every previous measurement you took will appear.
  2. Then you click "record" and you will see the ECG curve you measured (icon 2).
  3. Click "diagnosis" to see the measured diagnostic results, including "Load index", "HRV index", "Pressure index", "Body index", "Sympathetic parasympathetic", "Respiratory rate" data etc. (Icon 3)
  4.  Click the triangular play icon to see the fluctuation curve of your ECG measurement over time (Icon 4)