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For anyone who joins a running group, you know that running is a powerful way to give back to your community. A shared pain can bring people together. So running tends to unite people rather than divide them. The bonds and friendships formed through running often lead to lasting friendships.

I have witnessed this phenomenon while traveling the world. It transcends borders and time, no matter what language you speak or what color you are. In a world that sometimes seems so divided, running is a common feature for most of us. It is a great unity - the most egalitarian of movements.

There are practical ways to harness the passion of running to build community. Some efforts can focus on overall fondness for runners, while others aim to be inclusive and bring people together. Here are a few of my favorites.

4 ways to give back to your running community

1.Take out the trash.

Runners are usually environmentally conscious, considering that outdoors is where we practice our skills. While running through the local park, why not stop to pick up litter? This may slow you down, but changing your movements during training challenges the rest of your body.


Running isn't always glamorous or relaxing, but smiling has been shown to boost the morale of both the giver and the receiver. Spread the feel-good vibe by smiling at everyone you meet: running buddy, neighbor dog walker, mailman. Better yet, wave or give a peace sign to people as you pass by (hey, I'm from California).

3.Plan a fun run.

If you want others to run together, you can try something weird or unusual to attract participants. For example, ask all participants to wear teal shirts, or ask each to run in two different-colored socks. Simple things can encourage others to take part and make running seem less scary. It may sound absurd, but effective diplomacy may be in vogue.

4.Organize a regular run.

About 17 minutes. No matter what the speed, the run ends at a certain time -- a time that is quantifiable and easier to connect with than a set distance.(You can make a schedule  and set it in your BP doctor watch,which help you implement your schedule in time)

Needless to say, I am very passionate about the sport I love. Running can transform individuals and communities. Let us use this power to create beauty one step at a time.