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Although it has been nearly 7 years since the birth of Apple Watch, the representative product of sports and health smartwatch, the market scale and the number of users of smartwatch are also increasing day by day, and the number of users is also growing rapidly.

But for many people, smartwatches are still just an ornament, hardly a necessary personal device, and many are still unsure whether they actually need one.

At present, consumers still have a debate about wearable devices, until today, "Smart watch is a necessity or a chicken?" Is still a hot topic of discussion.


smart watch without phone



Some netizens said that there is no breakthrough in battery technology to support its powerful functions, and the performance of battery life makes the smartwatch slightly less attractive. Some users think that smartwatch can help us check our health status at any time. Its advantages of real-time, portability and continuity are unmatched by any other smart device trying to carry out health control, and its practicability is very strong.

So are almost everyone's smartwatches a chicken's butt or a necessity, and are they really that good?

Before we can figure that out, we need to rethink smartwatches.

In the past, the watch can only be used to check the time. With the development of mobile technology, it can also be connected to the Internet through smart phone or home network. It has one or more functions such as reminding, navigation, calibration, monitoring and interaction.

When we look back, what can smartwatches do for us besides appearance level and time?

As people continue to pay attention to health problems, exercise-related functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen and exercise pattern monitoring have become standard features of most smartwatches. In the future, when sensing technology and application are further explored in health scenarios, blood pressure and blood glucose have also become one of the main functions of some smartwatches.

In addition, smartwatches are becoming more and more accurate in health monitoring, relying on more and more accurate sensors, and they are also very accurate in behavior trajectory and motion tracking. Now, most smartwatches support motion mode.

In summary, smartwatch is a kind of personal terminal product with both "decorative attributes" and "functional attributes".When choosing a smart watch,one is to see who to buy for and what needs to achieve, such as for elderly elders to use,buy too many functions and use complex watches will not be a problem into "chicken ribs".And want to monitor their own sports, health and so on, it is indeed a very portable easy-to-use "essential" products.

One feature of the watch is that it can be close to the human skin at all times, so it can provide health data for users at all times.

Therefore, high appearance level can persuade users to make a purchase decision, long battery life can ensure users' active use, and health management is the real value of smartwatch. Continuing to add longer battery life and health features may help the smartwatch complete its evolution into a must-have product.

If we want to buy smart watches, we suggest that we pay attention to our own needs and budget, and do a good job in addition and subtraction. As long as we do not buy inferior products, most products can also meet most of our daily needs under the correct use method.


smart watch without phone


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