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It seems more and more sports claim to be particularly good at burning fat. On the surface, this might sound great! After all, while the main goal of exercise should be to improve your overall health and feel good, many people certainly don't mind what it does to body composition. However, just because something is labeled a "fat Nike blazer" doesn't necessarily mean it will reduce your figure, or that burning fat should be your goal.

What does it mean to burn fat?

To understand all this, you first need to understand that your body depends on two main sources of energy: carbohydrates and fat. Your body is using both at any given point in time, but the proportions change as your level of exercise increases."At rest, 70 to 80 percent of your energy comes from fat," says Chris Breen, a certified exercise physiologist, U.S. triathlon coach and founder of Coach Aria endurance races. "As you start to increase your level of exercise, more and more energy comes from carbohydrates."That's why low-impact exercise is often labeled as a fat-burning exercise. But that's not the whole story."It's a truism that sustained low-intensity exercise causes your body to metabolize fat," says Mike Young, Ph.D., director of performance at the Sports Lab's Sports Performance Training Center. "There's also some evidence that you can train your body to burn fat more efficiently for energy, fundamentally changing preferences."


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The other part of the equation

If losing fat without sweating sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. "It's not black and white," Brin said. "Yes, you may burn a higher percentage of fat when you exercise at a lower intensity, but you'll also burn fewer calories. That's also important."Another thing to keep in mind: The number of calories burned during actual exercise doesn't matter. "High-intensity activity produces greater oxygen consumption after exercise, which can help you burn a lot of fat," Says Young.So if one person goes for a brisk walk for an hour and the other does 12 minutes of high-intensity interval exercise, both people will burn the same amount of calories during the actual exercise. But over the next 24 to 48 hours, people who did high-intensity interval training experienced a higher calorie-burning effect."You can burn fat by cycling for eight hours at a low intensity, but most people don't do that," Brin says. "That's why we say the best exercise for the average person to lose fat is short, high-intensity exercise. You'll get the biggest bang for your buck."

You ready to step it up?

To stimulate your body's natural desire to burn fat, you'll want to mix in some high-intensity exercise throughout the week. Here are some ways:

Tabata Training:This classic interval workout lets you do your best for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Then, repeat 8 times, so the whole series should take about 4 minutes. Do this with three different poses, such as squat jumps, mountain climbing and burpeis, for 12 minutes.

Interval Runs:Yang is advised to run three to five minutes faster than usual (try to reach 85 percent of maximum heart rate) and then rest for two minutes. Repeat four or five times.

Sprints:Go to your local high school track and sprint 50 meters as fast as you can. Give yourself time to fully recover, then repeat 5 times.

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