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Today for female bodybuilders to organize a group of upper body chest and arm shaping training actions, recently found that many girls like to practice abdominal abdominal waistcoat line, but do not like to practice chest muscle, afraid to practice the chest "small", in fact, this worry is completely redundant, although the time of fat reduction due to the body fat burning chest will have "shrink",

But this reduction will make the chest more elastic, not like the fat chest that fastens the sac, so we do not have to worry about this in the training, today for you to finish the group of chest shaping training, the main function is to help you talk chest practice more elastic firm, make it more charming, in fact, chest shaping is also very important for girls, If you only focus on your abs, hips, and legs while not focusing on your chest, your body will be out of sync, and you will lose the essence of fitness.

Chest to practice and abdominal vest line symmetry, so that the body will be more beautiful, and arm shape is also very important for girls, although girls can not shape like male muscle increase, the arm muscle strength of training explosion, but also to say arm strength is very tight rich elastic, so that the whole body will be more sexy, This movement is mainly for girls' upper body shape training, so we start from the chest and arm training, many girls usually just want to rely on diet to reduce weight, in fact, even if you diet to reduce weight, after a period of time do not pay attention to it will still rebound.

And if you lose weight through fitness training and fat loss training, you generally don't gain it back, because through constant training during body building, you have some muscle growth, although not as strong as men, but these muscles still play a big role in suppressing fat, after body training, even if you don't exercise and don't diet for a long time,

But the body size will not be like a simple diet will soon to the previous appearance, because you have the foundation, even if you do not practice for a long time, fat slightly increased, but you have the foundation of the foundation or soon can practice out, so in order to maintain a good body shape for a long time, you must go through training, simply rely on diet fat reduction shape is not scientific.

The following for you to organize a group of chest + arm shaping action, can help you to achieve better shaping effect, make the figure more attractive and sexy charm, girls shape fat reduction should start as early as possible, the earlier the better, because of physical reasons, with the growth of age, the older the more difficult to lose fat.

Do 3 to 4 sets of each of the following 6 body shaping exercises with a rest of 60 to 90 seconds in between and 90 to 120 seconds in between (recommended)

Action 1:This movement is very suitable for female body shaping training. Although it is not very helpful for male muscle building, it has innate advantages for body shaping, so it is very suitable for female exercise. This training is arranged for 50 in total, and the number of training groups is determined by yourself. There are two forms one is the normal form, one is the knee touching form, choose one or both, free choice.

Action 2: Dumbbell bench press + dumbbell bird super group, training with small weight, girls had better not use too much weight training, these two movements are very perfect chest training movements, of course, the use of large weight is also very perfect muscle training movements, training will be two movements into a super group, Do a bench press and then a bird. Do 10 reps in each set. Do 4 sets in total. The first two sets use light weights and the last two sets use medium weights

Action 3: Smith machine negative flat bench press, this movement girls training also do not use large weight training, use small weight and medium weight can, girls training should pay attention to the barbell drop range, it is best to touch the chest pause for 1 second, start the upper leg, do 3 sets of 10 times, the first two groups using small weight, the last group using medium weight.

Action 4: Barbell piece narrow distance push up, this action is very important for girls shaping, there is a word called "ditch will fire, there is a ditch more sexy" then this action is to practice "ditch", that is, we often say the chest seam, this part of the practice, even in fat reduction will reduce the chest, then seam practice will give you compensation back,

When training, hold the barbell plate with both hands and do chest push up, tighten the arms inward, use small weight or medium weight, do 3 sets, each set of 10 times, whether there is a career line depends on this movement

Action 5: Arm flexion and extension. You can choose to do this on the parallel bars, or you can do it as shown in the reference picture. Do 3 sets of 12 times for each set.

Action 6: rope triceps flexion and extension. When you do this movement, you may not have too much strength at this time and can't complete this movement with one arm, so you can use the other hand to assist the borrowing training. Refer to the movement diagram in detail.

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