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In recent years, more and more people start to keep fit, among which, muscle building is a required course to shape a perfect body. As muscles strengthen, bones become stronger. This way, the outfit will fit nicely, not to mention the muscular look. In order to be able to wear the clothes you like, change into a more perfect self and work hard!

The muscle exercises introduced this time are abdominal exercises. Here is a popular way to exercise your abdominal muscles.

Exercises that work one side of the abdomen (UNI) and exercises that work both sides (B1) are a whole set. According to this method, the effect can be 1.6 times greater than the average muscle workout, and the efficiency workout is exciting.

Abdominal exercises

UNI: 1 group left and 1 group left.
B1:1 group (10 times in 1 group).


1: Lie on your back, bend your right leg, and lift your toes with your heels on the ground.

2: Place your left foot on the knee of your right leg and your right hand on your head. Twist your body and raise your upper body. Repeat. Let's do it left and right.


1: Lie on your back, support your hands with your head and lift your feet from the floor.

2: Lift your head from one position and pull both legs to your chest at the same time. Repeat with your whole body in a circle. Keep your legs closed. Hold on.

While exercise,pay attention to your health is important.For monitoring you health,wearing a BP smart watch is a good choice.You can use it to monitor your BP,HR,temperature,SpO2,and others.