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We've all heard the advice: don't let your neck betray your age. Therefore, while taking care of your face, don't neglect neck care. Today, we'll introduce five methods to help you achieve a perfect neck.

1. Neck Cleansing: Since the neck is exposed to sunlight and air for extended periods, it is prone to pollution. Hence, daily cleaning of the neck is crucial.

Cleaning the neck not only removes dead skin and dirt from pores, making the skin soft, but also enhances the absorption of subsequent care products. Therefore, the first step in neck care is proper cleaning. During a shower, you can use facial cleanser or shower gel. After foaming, gently and thoroughly clean, and rinse with warm water at the end.

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Step 1: Basic cleaning. Use a mild facial cleanser to remove surface dust and deeply cleanse. Neck cleaning is similar to facial cleaning, requiring a gentle approach, moving from bottom to top. After cleaning, don't completely dry with a towel; instead, pat on moisturizing toner.

Step 2: Exfoliation. Use facial products for exfoliation, choosing less oily products suitable for the thinner skin of the neck. Apply a finely textured exfoliator in a spiral motion from bottom to top, ensuring thorough hygiene near the ears. Rinse with clean water or wipe with a damp face towel.

2. Neck Moisturizing: With fewer sebaceous glands in the neck, dry skin is common. In such cases, you can use natural oils like olive or avocado oil directly on the neck for nourishment. Before applying, rub these skincare products in your palms until warm, then gently apply in an upward motion.

3. Neck Massage: Neck skin is sensitive, and blood circulation is poor. Correct massage techniques can promote blood circulation, making the skin firm and elastic for a beautiful neck contour.

Step 1: Neck massage. Nightly neck massages prevent sagging of the epidermis. Lift the chin slightly, then use the index, middle, and ring fingers to massage gently from the clavicle to the chin with a light force. Follow the same motion to press on both sides of the neck to the position near the ears. Don't neglect neck massage behind the ears, gently massaging diagonally downwards to promote blood circulation, eliminate facial swelling, neck pain, and prevent wrinkles.

Step 2: Care exercises. For a comprehensive workout, bend the neck fully forward and backward, with the chin reaching the chest when bending forward and avoiding parallel alignment with the ground when bending backward. Rotate to the left and right sides alternately, stretching the side muscles. Finally, rotate the neck in all directions, drawing large circles with the head, turning right and then left.

4. Neck Exercises: Keep the neck straight, look straight ahead, slowly lower the chin to avoid high elevation, maintain for 5 seconds, then slowly tilt backward until the neck is tight and extended, also for 5 seconds. Slowly turn the neck three times to the right and three times to the left. Repeat these movements three times.

5. Posture Adjustment: Poor sleeping and working postures contribute to neck skin wrinkles. It is recommended to choose suitable bedding with the pillow at an ideal height of around 8 centimeters, placed in the neck's hollow. This prevents neck compression and fine lines, helping neck muscles relax completely, reducing the chances of waking up with a stiff neck. Avoid prolonged curled sleeping, preventing double chins, wrinkles, darkening, and spots caused by poor neck blood circulation.

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At work, maintain parallel alignment between the head and the computer. Rotate the head counterclockwise every hour to relax neck skin and nerves, preventing the accumulation of neck wrinkles.

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