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Want to achieve weight loss through running, but find that the effect is not as good as expected, or run for a long time, are you tired of the same running method? Then you might as well try the "Fartlek" from Sweden.

Compared with ordinary jogging, the fast and slow "Fartlek" can not only increase the fun of running, but also exercise the cardiopulmonary function more effectively and achieve the effect of fat loss.


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Running every day, but the weight loss effect is not as expected, the possible reasons are as follows:

⭐1: Running is a low-intensity aerobic exercise, and the fat loss effect is weak. It needs to be combined with anaerobic exercise to improve the body's metabolism.

⭐2: The hunger after running makes you eat "revenge".

⭐3: Drinking energy drinks while running, insufficient water intake, and reduced weight loss.

In addition to the above reasons, I believe that the reason why most people don't like to lose weight through running may be because if you maintain the same running method to "run", it is really easy to feel a little boring. However, if you can grasp the correct running technique, running can not only effectively achieve fat loss effect, but also become fun!



The "Fartlek" that makes running more fun!

Fartlek originated from Sweden. It means "speed game" in Chinese. By changing the terrain and speed as much as possible while running, it can not only effectively exercise physical strength, but also increase the fun of running.

The principle of "Fartlak" is to increase the calories burned intermittently by alternating fast and slow steps, and gradually increase the basic metabolism of the body during running. It can not only increase lung capacity, improve sensitivity and concentration, but also improve endurance. In addition, it can burn more calories than ordinary jogging.


How to Do the 30-Minute Fartlek Run

Reminder: Be sure to do warm-up exercises before running to avoid cramps or muscle strain.

⭐Step 1: First, do a 10-minute warm-up at a jogging pace.

⭐Step 2: Perform 1 minute of fast running, 2 minutes of easy running, 2 minutes of normal running, and 1 minute of deceleration running. The above is 1 group, repeat 3-4 groups.

⭐Step 3: "Slowly" slow down the running speed within 5 minutes, and then stretch the muscles.


Too easy? Try the "Updated" Fartlek Running!

If you already have the habit of running and the above methods are not strong enough for you, you may wish to try the "upgraded version" of the fartlek running method:

⭐「Upgraded Version」Step 1: Run 3 kilometers to warm up.

⭐"Upgraded version" Step 2: Run at half-marathon pace for 4 minutes, then jog for 2 minutes to recover.

⭐"Upgraded version" Step 3: Run at 10km race pace for 2 minutes, then jog for 1 minute to recover.

⭐"Upgraded version" Step 4: Run at 5km pace for 1 minute, then jog for 30 seconds to recover.

⭐"Upgraded version" Step 5: Run for 30 seconds at the pace of a 2km sprint.

Repeat the above steps for 2-4 groups. Finally, jog for 3 kilometers before the end to achieve a soothing effect.


Precautions for fartlek running:

Since the Fartlek is a high-intensity aerobic exercise, you need to pay attention to the following before running:

  • Make sure the runner is in good health. This exercise is not suitable for people with vascular diseases. The heart rate changes too much during running, which can easily cause physical discomfort.
  • Have some experience in running. Beginners are advised to start with the basic version 1-2 times a week.
  • For runners who are proficient in jogging training, it is still recommended not to exceed 3 times a week.


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