Blood pressure watch

With the development of wearable health monitoring devices, watch-type blood pressure monitors are increasingly appearing in the market. A watch-type sphygmomanometer is a watch that is similar in size to an ordinary watch and can be worn continuously for a long time like a watch, and can monitor human blood pressure at any time. In principle, watch blood pressure monitors can be divided into two types: oscillometric method and photoelectric method.
The oscillometric method has a pressurized air bag, which needs to be inflated and pressurized when measuring blood pressure, which is similar to a wrist sphygmomanometer, so this sphygmomanometer is equivalent to a pocket-sized wrist sphygmomanometer.

The "blood pressure watch" that measures blood pressure by photoelectric method does not obtain the blood pressure value by directly blocking the arterial blood flow and then measuring the pressure, but the blood pressure data obtained after conversion by sensing photoelectric and electrocardiographic information.

Since it is a conversion, it involves a conversion factor. This conversion factor must require a large amount of measured data to be corrected. A fixed conversion factor has been set when the watch is produced. When it is applied to each individual, it is still necessary to pay attention to the accuracy of different blood pressure and pulse.

In terms of working principle, oscillometric measurement should be more reliable. However, because the oscillometric measurement needs to be pressurized and inflated, it will bring mild discomfort to the human body. The photoelectric law can achieve non-inductive monitoring, which truly meets the requirements of wearable monitoring equipment. In view of the limitations of photoelectric measurement methods, it is recommended that after purchasing this watch sphygmomanometer, it must be compared with the upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer or mercury column sphygmomanometer.