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Have your feet hurt while exercising?

Our feet may seem insignificant, but their structure is actually very sophisticated: there are 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves. Whether it's running or pulling iron, our feet have to carry our weight on our backs every day. In high-impact sports, our feet may bear 20 times the weight of our body weight.

It is inevitable to have problems with such precise body parts after years of use, so the feet are also a high-incidence area for injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, hyperextension of the big toe...
Pain in the foot not only restricts all your life activities, but also often affects the whole body, and then knee pain, butt pain, and back pain may come to you.

Most people will stretch the thigh muscles, calf muscles, and buttocks muscles, but they often ignore the feet. Whether you want to relieve foot pain after running or strengthen your feet, you should learn to stretch and relax your feet.

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Tennis Massage

Sit on a chair, place one foot on a tennis ball, and roll the tennis ball around the sole of the foot, including the toes, arch, heel and other parts. Remember to step down with a little force, and proper pressure can achieve the effect of massage.

Toe Stretch

Sit on a chair, put one leg on top of the other, grab the toes with your hands and stretch them toward your body, and hold for 10 seconds.
You can also do this: Spread the toes as far apart as possible, insert fingers between the toes and hold for 10 seconds.

Toe Heel Lift

Sit on a chair, lift your heels, put your toes on tiptoe for 10 seconds, then put your body weight on your heels, hold for 10 seconds, then put it down, and repeat the cycle.

Toe Grip

Put a towel or a pencil or a few marbles next to your feet, use the toes of one foot to pick up the towel and other items, hold them on the foot for 10 seconds, and then change the other foot.

Barefoot Exercise

Try walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, such as sandy beaches, cobblestones, etc., so that you can exercise the fine muscle groups in your feet in a natural way. If the outdoor conditions are limited, you can put pillows, folded towels, and rolled up yoga mats on the ground indoors, and walk on them with bare feet.

Choosing the wrong shoes is also one of the causes of foot pain

Because wearing the wrong size shoes may cause unnecessary displacement of your feet, may squeeze your toes together, and may restrict ankle movement...etc, these factors will make your feet run Or form unnatural wrong postures during sports training.

In addition to relaxing and stretching your feet regularly, choosing the right shoes for exercise is also an act of being responsible for your feet and your body.

Choose the right sneakers

Afternoon is the time when the feet are most swollen.

It is most appropriate to choose this time to choose and try on.

Try to stretch your toes after putting on your running shoes,

Make sure the toe cap is comfortable and spacious enough.

Stand up and feel whether the big toe will touch the toe of the shoe,

It is recommended to leave some space between the toe cap of the running shoes and the front end of the big toe.

Don't always think that running shoes fit your feet well.

Or it will be stretched.

Try a few more pairs of running shoes each time you choose,

The senses will be clearer after comparison.

Before buying, you must walk around the store wearing shoes, to see if there is any discomfort.

Compared with their knees, most athletes don't pay much attention to their feet, and only wait until the pain starts to appear before starting to remedy it. In fact, the feet are the cornerstone of all body movement, and like any other leg muscles, they need to be stretched, relaxed, and exercised.

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Strong feet allow you to run longer distances and lift heavier weights! Moderate running is also very important for foot maintenance. BP Smartwatch can record your running conditions, so that you can run more comfortably and with more goals!