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Losing weight is a long journey that requires daily persistence. Besides exercise, does diet play a role in weight loss?

So what is the real effective way to lose weight? Let us continue to find out!

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Weight loss method 1: Intermittent fasting

The intermittent fasting method is to concentrate the intake of calories for a period of time, and keep an empty stomach for the rest of the time. Using the body's nutrient metabolism sequence, the ingested glucose is consumed first, thereby further decomposing excess fat.

There are four common intermittent fasting methods:

  • 168 fasting method/816 weight loss: People who practice 168 weight loss will concentrate their calorie intake within 8 hours a day, and do not eat for the remaining 16 hours, so that glucose can be completely broken down and fat can be further burned as energy.
  • 442 weight loss method: The 442 weight loss rule stipulates that the interval between each meal is "4 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours", which means that the interval between the 1st and 2nd meals is only 4 hours, and the same is true between the 2nd and 3rd meals. And the food for the third meal should be able to be digested within 2 hours, and do not eat for the remaining 14 hours, so that the body can get used to burning fat.
  • 1212 fasting method: cut 24 hours in half, the calories you need to eat every day must be taken in 12 hours, and you must fast for the remaining 12 hours. The advantage of this method is that it is easier to remember and reduce the situation of misremembering.
  • 52 fasting method: You can freely choose 2 days within 7 days a week as "light calorie days". The recommended calorie intake for girls on light calorie days is 500 calories, and for boys is 600 calories. For the remaining 5 days, you can eat normally, which is more convenient to implement.



Weight loss method 2: Protein weight loss method

This method uses a large amount of high-quality protein as the main food, reduces the proportion of fat and starch in the diet, and combines simple and regular exercise to avoid losing muscle and causing a decrease in basal metabolic rate.

The most important thing about the protein weight loss method is that the protein intake should reach 25-30% within 1 day. During this period, you can use miscellaneous grains instead of white rice, and it is also recommended to replace red meat with seafood, so that people can increase muscle and eat other menus than boiled eggs richness.


Weight loss method 3: Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet refers to the eating habits of Greece and southern Italy. It is mainly based on prototype foods. For example, choose whole grains and miscellaneous grains as staple foods, such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, etc., avoid refined grains, and mix them with at least 1 A bowl of vegetables, 1-2 tablespoons of healthy virgin olive oil, and fruits instead of desserts. Low-sugar berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.) are also recommended on the fruits.

Weight Loss Method 4: Carbon Cycling Diet

Cooperate with the heavy training plan to determine the intake of carbohydrates. For example, if you do high-intensity training that day, your body will need more carbohydrates to maintain energy balance and promote muscle growth; The intake of compounds is also reduced, which helps reduce sugar in the body, improves insulin sensitivity, growth hormone, and allows the body to burn more fat.

The carbon cycle diet can be divided into three diet ratios: high-carbon days, low-carbon days, and rest days:

  • High carbon day: 35% protein + 15% fat + 50% carbohydrate
  • Low-carb day: 50% protein + 25% fat + 25% carbohydrate
  • Rest day: 55% protein + 35% fat + 10% carbohydrate



Weight Loss Method 5: Reduce Sugar Diet

Also known as "low carbohydrate diet", our daily diet usually has 50-60% carbohydrates, and a sugar-reducing diet is to reduce the daily sugar intake, reducing the proportion to 20-30%, especially quitting Add refined sugar and starchy foods to avoid excess sugar being converted into fat.

The first thing to do in a sugar-reducing diet is to avoid high-sugar foods such as desserts, snacks, drinks, and alcohol, and eat more prototype foods to preserve the original appearance of the food and prolong the chewing and digestion time. In addition, nutrients and dietary fiber are also richer than processed foods. The rest of the diet is to maintain a normal diet, protein, fat, and vegetables must be taken in a balanced manner.

Losing weight is not about eating nothing. Follow the above methods, you can also easily lose weight. BP Smartwatch can also monitor calories