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In a perfect world, you'd be 100% involved in your workout routine and inspired by it. But the truth is, we don't live in a perfect world -- no matter how much you love fitness, you'll probably find yourself stuck in an exercise routine at some point.

If you're stuck in the same exercise pattern now (or you've stopped exercising altogether!) We have some good news for you. With a few small changes, you can take yourself away from your exercise routine, find your motivation, and get your fitness back on track. So, how the hell did you do it?

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Start small

If you're completely off track, you might want to start exercising again. But never doing a lot of physical activity can deplete your energy quickly -- and put you right back where you started.

Instead, "when returning to your daily routine, start with the simple little things," says Matt Tannenberg, PhD, a sports chiropractor and certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

For example, let's say you used to jog 5 kilometers around your neighborhood every morning, and now you walk on the sidewalk without tying your shoes for months. Instead of trying to run 3.1 miles, try starting with a 15-minute walk. Then, once you're in the habit of walking every day, you can slowly increase the duration and pace of your activity until you return to a regular running routine.

Change things

Literally, constancy is defined as "a fixed or established pattern of procedure or course of life, usually tedious or unpromising." In other words, when you do the same thing over and over again, even if you're bored and can't see the results, you get stuck in a rut.

Personal trainer and trainer Chris Cooper says, "If you stick to a plan or routine for a long time, it's easy to get stuck in a rut and your motivation drops."

If you feel like your workout routine is stuck in an "same old, same old" mind-set - which makes it hard to stay motivated and engaged in fitness - one of the best things you can do is change.

Like, do you ever feel like everything you do is running? Focus on strength training or taking a boxing class. Are you bored with your gym routine? Users challenge themselves by exercising outdoors, such as hiking or working out in circles in the park. Add novelty to your fitness routine; Trying new things can make your sport feel fresh and exciting again, and can also help you get rid of that "I'm stuck in a rut" feeling.

Give yourself a goal.

Regular exercise is a worthwhile goal in itself. However, if exercising for the sake of exercising doesn't motivate you to get up, get out, and exercise - and you feel like you're stuck in a fitness rut because of it - then what good way to find motivation? Set yourself a fitness goal. "Having a purpose is a key element of motivation," says Korey Van Wyk, Certified strength and wellness specialist.

Say you love cycling, but have you made any excuses not to recently? Consider signing up for a road race to give yourself some exercise. Or do you feel frumpy because you're tired of exercising at home? Set a goal to join a new exercise class at least once a week.

When setting fitness goals, "find something that interests you, and it takes you out of your comfort zone," Van Wijk says. "Doing so will provide a clear goal and purpose for your workout" -- which can make it easier to stop running and get back to your normal fitness routine.

Find a fitness community.

When you get into an exercise routine, it's hard to get yourself out of it. So, why not ask for help? Find a fitness community, whether it's joining a local exercise class or finding some friends to work out with. Not only will this create an external sense of responsibility (which can help you stick with your workout, even if you don't feel like it), it will make it fun and motivating. This can help you get out of your routine, get excited again, and get into your fitness routine.

"Whether it's online or in person, find a group of people who are doing what you're doing," Van Wyk says. "Being around people who are doing the same exercise at the same time increases your energy and motivation. It's amazing."

Cut yourself some slack.

If you're torturing yourself by getting stuck in an exercise routine, relax. "The first thing to recognize and accept is that ruts are normal!" Van Wijk says even the most avid fitness enthusiast can get into trouble from time to time.

Instead of blaming yourself for why you're in this mess or how you got into it, give yourself a little compassion. If you feel guilty or ashamed for letting your fitness habits go unchecked, it won't help motivate you. Instead, realize that everyone struggles with fitness from time to time -- it's just a normal part of being human.

Is it funny how relaxed you are with yourself? This may be just what you need to move forward. "It's perfectly normal to realize that [finding yourself in an exercise routine] eliminates stress and guilt," Van Weyk said. When you release stress and guilt, it's easier to get motivated and start exercising again.

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