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As a mother of four, they constantly remind me that this is their best day ever! It also reminds me that my day may "explode" a few times, but by the end of the night, I'm still back to normal. Ironically, these two events usually happen on the same day. These simple statements, and the undoubted fact that motherhood is hard, make me want to create my best day ever, better than yesterday.

Controlling home, work and an active lifestyle is exhausting but rewarding. I can assure you that I am a better mother, wife, and happier person when I am sweating profuse. When I go out for a run and push the limits, I feel my life suddenly rejuvenated and I appreciate everything that comes with it. It makes me feel powerful and beautiful and see success and beauty in difficult things. And the sense of accomplishment that every parent longs for. I believe the children have noticed and seen that hard work can bring success and opportunities to learn.

Here are 5 tips to help me balance my family while still having the energy and time to make my goal of running like crazy a priority.

1. Get your spouse involved.

You both need to be healthy and spend time together during the week. I try to run before my kids go to work. And when that doesn't happen, because the child wakes up, is too sleepy, too cold, etc. I run with the kids in the jogger's buggy, take them to meet friends, and then swap. They go to the gym with me, or I work out at home. Don't let excuses get the better of you.

2. Make and love your Plan B, C, and even D.

Because Plan A is A great idea, but it seems to disappear easily. As the precedent suggests, roll with the punches. Be excited about the success of one of your projects.

3. Your mind and body are much stronger than you think.

Yes, listen to them, but I promise you'll never regret working out. You think you're too tired. Like one time, I ran more than I slept. Training for a marathon with your kids is no laughing matter. Exhaustion is the most common battle. Take a nap with Plan B.

4. Find friends who share the same goals and lean on each other.

What's more,wearing a BP smart watch which can track your health will help you a lot to get your goals.

It's hard to go out when you have to meet runners on the corner at 6 a.m. It is also an instant sympathy for suffering and your best friend in life.

5. Hold your head high and take pride in every bit of success along the way.

This is the fuel and motivation to achieve the goal. We have a saying in my kitchen: "Be proud of your progress." Believe in how far you can go. "An exciting goal has an exciting journey. So set one up and enjoy the ride.

Mom's rules. Charge, let us defeat yesterday, one foot a day, one foot a step.