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We feel tired after using our eyes all day, which may come from 2 reasons, the first is because the eyes lack nutrients and oxygen, they will become dry, itchy, red; and the other is from the overuse of eye muscles, resulting in Sour, tired feeling. The 3 tricks to prescribe the right medicine to relax the eyes are as follows.

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1. Blink

Eyes become dry when they lack tears, and one of the most important reasons for lack of tears is forgetting to blink. Because blinking can stimulate the secretion of tears and form a thin protective film on the eyeball; but when we use our eyes at close range, the muscles have to work hard, so we forget to blink because of excessive concentration and effort, resulting in reduced tear secretion.

So when using your eyes, don’t forget to remind yourself to blink. Normally, you need to blink about 12 times per minute, with an average of 5 seconds. If you consciously control the number of times you blink, you can not only create enough tears, but also Let the eye muscles relax.

2. Look far away for 10 minutes every 30 minutes

When we stand up after sitting for a long time, the muscles will definitely feel numb, and "looking far away" is like changing the posture of a sedentary person, so the muscles will no longer feel oppressed and uncomfortable. Because when looking far away, the eye muscles are in a relaxed state, and it is only necessary to exert force when looking close, so after using your eyes for 30 minutes, you can get up and look at objects at least 3 meters away, so that your eyes can relax initially .

3. Close your eyes and then relax

If you clench your fist hard and then relax suddenly, the degree of muscle relaxation will be higher than that of direct relaxation. The same is true for the eyes. After closing them hard and then relaxing, the tight ciliary muscles can really relax.

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The built-in application of the smart watch can record the time you use your mobile phone and computer every day, as well as your activity level, so that you can better understand your behavior habits and daily health conditions, and reduce the damage to your eyes.