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"If only my belly wasn't so bulging, I'd look thinner..." "And" If you don't have a beer belly, you can wear a T-shirt!" "Bulging underbelly" is always the number one worry. And when it comes to lean belly, that's abs exercise. The importance of abs has long been emphasized, in addition to reducing lower back pain, to improving body shaping and athletic performance.

Exercise your abs by stretching them

Naoto Nakamura, a Japanese yoga expert and physical therapist, says the fastest and best way to slim your tummy is to "stretch" your abs. It's simple enough for anyone to continue in their daily life, and it doesn't get tiring at all, but it really does work on your abs. In addition, can also develop a thin body, body will become better, both body and mind can become healthy.

Sit-ups can cause pressure on the heart and internal organs

A hunched back causes the chest to contract and the ribs to drop, crushing the internal organs underneath. But because there's only so much room in the belly, the squashed innards have nowhere to go, so they bulge forward, creating a bulge in the lower belly. Crunches and other abdominal contractions to tighten the stomach in order to "keep it down" put more pressure on the heart and internal organs. Let alone lose weight, the increased blood pressure and poor blood circulation caused by compression are actually very dangerous to the body.

Stretch your abs and your belly will thin on the spot

Stand in front of a mirror with your hands on your waist and your upper body leaning back. First of all, the ribs will go up. At the same time, the belly gets stretched along with the fat that builds up around the belly button. If the ribs can be pulled up to enlarge the space in which the internal organs are located, the internal organs, which had been protruding outwards,can be smoothly returned to the correct position.As soon as you start stretching your abs, your belly will thin on the spot.In addition to the internal organs returning to their optimal positions, even blood pressure and the autonomic nerves are naturally adjusted.

10-second abs stretching basic exercise

No time, no space limit, just 10 seconds! The ab stretch is the correct ab movement conceived by the body mechanism. First we're going to stretch the front of the abdomen. There are two main points. The first is to stabilize your pelvis and wait for your chest to return to a higher position before you start stretching your abs. Another thing to remember is how it feels to stretch your stomach when you lean back. It is necessary to have such awareness at ordinary times. After stretching, keep your stomach stretched for at least five minutes.

Step1 Raise your toes

Stand parallel with your feet about waist width apart. Point your toes and lift them off the ground so your weight is in the right place.

Step2 Interlock your hands and place them behind your head

Thumbs down, hands interlock, while using both hands to support, while lifting the back of the head, exhale.

Step3 Lean your upper body back

Inhale while leaning your upper body back for 2 breathing cycles. Keep the position that you are about to fall but will not fall, and the effect will be better if you throw up all the gas!

This can make the whole body muscles are activated, especially after getting up and before going out in the morning, not only the metabolism will be better throughout the day, but also can achieve a better thin belly effect. Remember, consistent exercise pays off!

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