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Most of the fat loss and muscle gain cannot be carried out simultaneously, and most of them are fat loss first and then muscle gain. In addition to weight control, a good figure also has muscle lines. Then the question comes, how should we arrange aerobic exercise when increasing?

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First of all, we must first understand, what is the purpose of our aerobic running training during muscle building?

First, the body fat can be controlled within a certain range. While gaining muscle, it is inevitable to accumulate fat because of what you eat or the intensity of strength training. And the aerobic running training at this time is to slow down the time of fat accumulation.

Second, aerobic running can effectively exercise the cardiopulmonary function. No matter what kind of training you do, the cardiopulmonary function is a very important function. Therefore, the aerobic training in the muscle-building phase mainly focuses on the training of the cardiopulmonary function. Choosing to run is A good choice.

Since the demand for aerobic exercise is still great during muscle building, how can we arrange this training reasonably?

1. Separate strength training and aerobic running

It is recommended to do increased training one day and aerobic running one day, separately, which is the best for fat loss and muscle gain.

When the body is in a state of "negative balance" of energy, muscle will be used as energy first, and then it will be fat. If you have to do both strength and cardio on the same day, at least do strength training first so that your muscles are fully stimulated when your strength and energy are at their peak.

2. Maintain a certain amount of aerobic running time

You can control running 2-3 times a week, each time controlled at about 30 minutes.

The specific time schedule should be on the day of strength training. It is recommended that you do aerobic training (cardiopulmonary training) immediately after strength training, and the target time should not exceed 20 minutes.

High-intensity interval aerobics will make the heart rate reach a high level, which is a good cardio-respiratory exercise. Many studies have shown that high-intensity intermittent aerobic fat loss is better. The main reason is that your growth hormone secretion is relatively high during high-intensity periods. Growth hormone has the effect of tissue repair and fat burning. This is great for people with high body fat!

In fact, running, an aerobic exercise, is very necessary in the whole exercise, including the maintenance period of weight. Having the habit of running has a good effect on a person's health and weight maintenance.

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