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I first learned about the origin of the word "stamina" while reading the story of Odysseus, the protagonist of Homer's epic "The Odyssey." The Greeks saw patience as the ability to endure pain and remain firm. This definition makes sense in the context of the ancients; after all, the name Odysseus means "man in pain."

Although we use the term loosely now, the attribute of stamina is unchanged. Having stamina requires dogged persistence and unwavering determination to help individuals overcome difficulties.

How to build endurance? Having run countless marathons and ultramarathons, I can tell you that gaining endurance doesn't take giant leaps, but rather a series of tiny steps. That means doing everything 10% better. It's that little bit of extra effort, one last push, and one or two extra repetitions that consistently and cumulatively create progress. I'm being honest with my Fitbit Ionian. By tracking my exercise, diet, and sleep patterns, I can make sure I'm always putting in the extra 10%.

It all started before the starting gun was fired. Even on those days when you don't want to train (especially those days when you don't), endurance building comes from training consistency. Self-discipline is a fundamental skill. While it takes motivation to get out of bed, it takes discipline to get out (especially in winter!).

Of course, even for a disciplined person, the pursuit of goals can be challenging if they are unrelated to a larger cause, some meaningful cause that drives them. Without this underlying motivation, the work required to develop stamina becomes tedious. Combining your passions with your pursuits can lower the bar to success. Look inward and decide what you like. Follow this momentum and you'll have unstoppable stamina.

Running a marathon teaches you endurance. There is no quick way to get to the end. Your mind and body need stamina. Tools like BP devices can help you measure progress and monitor heart rate, but the lessons learned along the way are the greatest education.

Overcome the struggles, hardships and adversities of the journey; these are the best teachers. This is how you develop the necessary physique for persistence, keep putting one foot in front of the other and push forward until you finally cross that far finish line. Training and preparation are important and essential, but ultimately stamina comes from stamina.