Fitness Smart Watch

Speaking of running, you may think that this is a simple exercise, but running training with the right equipment can not only greatly improve the efficiency of training, but also can protect yourself. Runners should pay more attention when choosing running equipment and make full use of it to improve their training.

Sports watch can not only record the pace of exercise, time, distance and other basic data, but also record heart rate, temperature, altitude and other information. In addition, the current sports watches have data uploading and analysis functions, which can carry out detailed data statistics and analysis for each run, so that you can fully master your training status.

Today for you to explain the running training of a good helper - sports watch function, classification and other information, and can bring you convenient bar. Hope to help you constantly improve their training, from their own training to choose their own sports watch.

Why do many people love sports watches?

Sports watch is a commonly used auxiliary tool for runners. Professional sports watch can also display running speed, distance, calories consumed, and other data. With the wireless heart rate band can also display the heart rate and other information, to help runners master their own speed and physical distribution in the exercise, to achieve the best purpose of exercise.

Different types of watches have different functions. In particular, the GPS watch will be rich in features, and can also be a smartphone received push notifications. In addition, most training records can be managed through dedicated websites or software.

More and more people to participate in the running of the event, but it is undeniable that in the process of movement without monitoring equipment is a very dangerous thing, and the number of sudden death and exercise participation in running higher than trend, based on this situation we need to know how to avoid this problem and how to use some of the running gear to protect themselves.

What are the advantages of sports watches over mobile phones?

1. Small

Easy to carry is the biggest advantage of sports watch, running with a mobile phone, after all, still need to solve the problem of carrying. And the watch is much more convenient, now the sports watch and the size of the ordinary watch is basically about the same or slightly larger, will not cause additional burden. But now the mobile phone is becoming bigger and bigger, if you take a huge screen phone to go running is not very convenient.

2. Convenience

Raise your hand with a sports watch to see your current instantaneous speed, average speed, time, distance, heart rate and other data, without stopping will not affect the current running state. In addition to broadcasting the data of the previous stage at a fixed time and distance, if you want to understand the current detailed data, you have to take out your phone and light up the screen, which will affect the process of running. Especially in the cold winter, you may also be wearing gloves, adding a lot of inconvenience.

3. Precise

The phone's software calls the phone's built-in GPS data, which is less accurate than a sports watch. Many runners will find that the track recorded by the mobile phone often "drifts", and the mileage will be underestimated or overcounted, which affects the accuracy of the overall data. The sports watch has been specially optimized and adjusted to make the data more accurate.

4. Battery Life

The use of the phone will be limited by the battery life of the phone, which is usually sufficient for normal training, but if it is a full-horse race, then the phone battery may not be enough. Now more high-end sports watch endurance capacity has been able to do 12 hours, so generally more than 50 kilometers endurance runners will wear a professional sports watch.