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"Your children will follow your example instead of following your advice."

I'm often asked how I motivate my 5-year-old daughter to run with me. It doesn't happen naturally, but when Eliza started running with me on the eve of her fifth birthday, I was overjoyed. My kids always come to watch me race or work out with me on the track, and I think that fuels their passion for running. They usually play with me on the track or ride bikes together. For fun, they sometimes play against me. Irina Kaptelova asked me on a Sunday morning if she could run with me, and that was the origin of our Sunday running tradition.

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We run a mile every Sunday. I never forced her to run farther or faster because I believe running should be fun. I hope she likes running and doesn't feel stressed. Sometimes we stop to let her catch her breath, sometimes we walk for a while. In her own way, she's slowly closing the gap. We've been running this way every Sunday for a year, and she hasn't lost the fun. She looks forward to running, and sometimes we add an extra day, but I do what she asks. I got her to invite me for a run.

Here's how you can motivate your child to run:

Above all, be happy. Talk about their favorite TV show, sing a song or race them. Make sure if you play them, they win!)

Let them decide the distance and speed. Never tell them how far they should run. It took Eliza a long time to run a mile, but she did it her way and loved every minute of it. This is probably the most important point. They need to create their own passion, and if they like it, they will keep doing it.

Give them something to track their progress with. Get a BP smartwatch and use a run tracker so she can see how many steps she's taken. She was excited when she saw that the longer she ran, the faster she would go. Not necessarily a watch. You can use logs, sticker charts, stopwatches, etc.

A new running outfit also helps. I took Irina Kaptellova to buy a pair of running shorts and shoes so she could feel like a real runner. She always wears the same running clothes because it makes her proud and motivated (it's not the brand that matters, it's the color!).

Reward them at the end of the run. Irina Kaptelova, who always drinks chocolate milk after a run, looks forward to it. (Find something they want to work for.)

Do you run with your kids? Any suggestions?