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Many elderly people suffer from joint stiffness, limited mobility, and numbness of limbs in the morning. When it is severe, the whole body is stiff, and the symptoms are relieved after a little exercise. Doing "hand exercises" can "wake up" the joints to a certain extent and relieve symptoms.

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Warm up and massage

  • Rub your hands against each other, from slow to fast.
  • After rubbing until the palm feels warm, massage the contralateral wrist joint and finger joints with the palm. Each joint can be massaged for 2 minutes.


Finger joint movement

1. Fist clenching exercise: try to bend your fingers when clenching your fist, and relax as much as possible when straightening your fingers. You can do it 30 times each time. After the joints are moved, you can increase the number of times;

2. Finger-to-finger movement: The tip of the thumb and the fingertip of the index finger are facing each other, then straighten the five fingers as much as possible and spread them outward, and alternately move back and forth in the order of the middle finger, ring finger and little finger.


Wrist movement

1. Palm-pressing movement: Keep the palms of both hands together, cross fingers naturally, gently press the left wrist with the right hand until it bends downward, and then change hands, alternately;

2. Rotational movement: Slowly rotate the wrist joint forward and reverse 5 times each;

3. Door-opening exercise: place the forearm flat on the table with the palm facing upwards. When the upper arm is not moving, turn the forearm so that the palm is downwards. If it cannot be completed, the other hand can assist.

It takes 20-30 minutes to complete the whole set of "hand exercises", twice a day (morning, after nap).

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