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Traveling to a new place is a lot of fun. We know that spending time outside can also help us reduce stress. So why not do both? Whether embarking on an adventure, hiking or climbing new terrain, playing a picturesque golf course, or more, there are many outdoor summer activities to try on your next vacation. Let's do something adventurous, shall we?

Take an adventure

Ziplining. Whether you're hurtling through mountains, rain forests, deserts, or miles of open water, one thing is certain: Ziplining is truly an unparalleled adventure. What better way to get a feel for the landscape than a bird 's-eye view?

If you're feeling particularly bold, try a quick spin in a straight line, or even a flip. Be sure to check with your tour guide first.

Hiking, hiking and/or mountain climbing. One of the best ways to explore a new destination is to walk through it with the help of a friendly guide. Perhaps you'll choose to walk through the rainforest, or if you have more experience, climb mountainous terrain.

Of course, you can also choose to hike or climb the mountain yourself; Consider camping (or glamping!). Travel synchronously to make the most of great outdoor activities.

In some destinations, you can sign up for "night Tours" or Tours, depending on where you are. Sounds as brave as it sounds, and is a great way to experience the variety of local wildlife at night. We recommend conducting such activities with a guided tour.

White water rafting. For those looking for a sense of adventure in their travels, rafting is another good option. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly trip with kids or a more exciting one with a group of experienced rafters, this is yet another activity that requires a guide.

The good news? In some places, you can drift from spring until the end of October.

Scuba diving or scuba diving. For those who don't have a scuba diving certificate (and perhaps have a healthy fear of deep water) but still want to see what's underwater, snorkeling might be a good option. Whether you're taking a day trip to a famous snorkeling spot or renting some equipment near a vacation apartment or hotel/resort, there's always something to see at Undersea World.

If you have a diving certification, you may want to plan your trip around it! From exploring coral reefs and spotting a variety of exotic wildlife seals, manta rays, and even humpback whales and whale sharks, depending on your location and time of year, there is no shortage of incredible underwater attractions for terrace diving or exploring shipwrecks.

Or, if you're looking for something more laid-back...

Play golf. Planning a road trip? You'd better bring your golf clubs. Spend an extra day on the course, or choose a resort where you can stay and play and practice your swing while enjoying the views and green design.

(Don't have your own set of clubs, or no room to take them with you when you travel? You can rent it from the shooting range. If you want more choice, try searching online for a company that lets you choose from a lot of newer models instead of everything.)

A canoe is still a canoe. It turns out that boating through national wildlife refuges and/or biodiversity refuges is one of the most exciting outdoor activities of the trip. Of course, the kind of wildlife you see (including endangered species) depends on the area you're in, and what area you're zoned (tidal wetlands? A swamp? Lake? These waters are rich in a variety of Marine ecosystems).

And, while not as intense as whitewater rafting, it's still a workout - notice how your arms feel after a few hours of paddling!

If you want something special, try a bioluminescence tour. These night canoe trips focus on the natural phenomenon of bioluminescent plankton, which glows neon blue in summer - especially at the new moon, when they don't compete with the brightness of the full moon. Talk about dreams coming true!

Indulge in fantasy. Speaking of stunning scenery, here's one that doesn't usually require much planning (unless you're chasing an eclipse or meteor shower!). When it comes to stargazing, the best results are, of course, in places with less light pollution.

Cruise? Set aside some time to admire the night sky over the water, from a setting where dry land is a distant idea. Or, plan a camping trip to a place away from the sounds and voices of people and truly immerse yourself in the magnificent constellations.