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Many people think that when summer is so hot, they should come into contact with more cool things. Actually not. Health preservation should follow the seasons. In summer, it is hot when it is hot, and sweating when it is supposed to be sweaty.

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Stay away from the cold

Diet should pay attention to eat less raw and cold food. In summer, you should use ginger and other foods to dispel the cold. It is better to brew ginger and brown sugar together and take it.

Do not stay in a closed air-conditioned room for a long time. Also be careful not to wash your hair and feet with cold water, and avoid getting in the rain on rainy days, because cold water still has a certain impact on the body.


Soak your feet in hot water

Because the feet are the second heart of the human body, soaking feet in hot water can supply it with energy.
Soaking feet in hot water can make Qi and blood flow smoothly, increase the blood flow rate and flow in the feet, and enhance metabolism. The water temperature is between 42°C and 45°C, which is warm and comfortable.

Take a hot bath often

Because bathing in hot water dilates the capillaries of the body, which is beneficial to the body's heat dissipation and detoxification. The water temperature is generally controlled at around 30°C.

In addition, you can also wipe your face and body with a hot towel, which not only removes dust and dirt easily, but also perspires and cools down, making the skin breathable and making people feel cool and comfortable.

Drink hot tea

In the hot summer, a cup of hot tea is the best way to quench your thirst. This is because hot tea is good for sweat glands and can achieve the effect of heat dissipation. Moreover, tea can improve the ability of the spleen and stomach to transport and transform water, and transport water to the whole body.

Although the popular cold drinks in summer are effective in relieving the heat, they only relieve the heat at that time and cool down the body for a short time, but they cannot really quench the thirst.

Exercise is essential

Exercising in summer can speed up the metabolism in the body and help sweating.

Exercise can also strengthen thermal adaptation, improve the body's ability to regulate body temperature, and prevent heatstroke and some common heat syndromes. But a special reminder is that the time for exercising in summer is very important. Do not choose the noon when the sun is the most poisonous, because profuse sweating will hurt the blood.

It is generally recommended to choose the morning, because the human body’s yang energy in the morning is relatively weak, and exercising at this time can replenish yang energy. It should also be noted that less strenuous exercise such as jogging and aerobics should be chosen.

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