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Mountaineering is a very popular way of leisure and entertainment during the holidays. However, the preparations before climbing must not be sloppy. In addition to complete equipment and careful planning of the route, food preparation is even more important! What should you eat and how should you eat it? Let's listen to what Yoshihiko Omori, a master of physical education in Japan, has to say.

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【Daily life】Diet that can increase muscle and strengthen physique

Therefore, starting from a few months before climbing, we must start to practice a balanced diet. Among them, protein is the first to form the raw material of muscle. It takes several months to build muscle, so it is necessary to start building a strong physique step by step.

Intake of meat can effectively increase muscle. In addition to protein, meat also contains various balanced nutrients. In terms of nutrition, pork is better than beef because pork has more vitamin B1 content. Whether it is beef or pork, the lean meat is low in fat, and chicken is lower in fat than beef and pork except for the chicken skin.

Sufficient intake of protein can also maintain the health of tendons and ligaments. The main component of tendons and ligaments is collagen, which is also a kind of protein, but direct consumption of collagen cannot increase the collagen in the body.

A few days before the mountaineering, please change your diet to mainly carbohydrates. Only by consuming a large amount of carbohydrates can the content of glycogen (glycogen) stored in the liver be increased.


【Before climbing】Eat a balanced diet with staple food as the main food

The diet before the mountaineering is about to start is mainly sugar, and the staple food of rice, bread, and noodles should be taken in more than usual. There are also protein-rich main courses such as meat, fish, beans, and side dishes such as vegetables or seaweed, plus vitamins and minerals provided by miso soup, and milk, yogurt, Fruits and other foods, all must be fully ingested.

It is ideal to absorb the five major nutrients in a balanced manner like this, but you usually have to get up early every day after going up the mountain, and often you cannot prepare well. Therefore, before climbing, you should take in more carbohydrates such as rice, and try to eat as much fat as possible to maintain energy.

If it takes several hours before leaving the house to take a car to the trailhead, you should replenish food during the ride or after arriving at the trailhead. If you can replenish energy before you start walking, you can prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia collapse symptoms. However, it is best to supplement food in batches instead of taking too much at one time, so as not to cause a burden on the stomach, so as to maintain good physical strength.

Menu example
Rice, Grilled Salmon, Yogurt, Cherry Tomatoes


【Mountain climbing】Diet that is easy to digest and does not hinder movement

Energy needs to be replenished during mountaineering, but it must be in an appropriate amount so as not to hinder the movement, and the first thing that should be fully replenished is sugar. If it is a long rest period like lunch, you can eat carbohydrates such as rice, bread, noodles, etc., and it is best to eat them together with meat such as sausages, and at the same time take in an appropriate amount of lipids. It's just that foods with a lot of fat content take more time to digest and sometimes hinder exercise, so care should be taken not to consume too much.

When taking a nap on the way, you can take sweets that are easy to digest and absorb, so that they can be instantly converted into energy and cheer you up.

Menu example
Red bean bread, croissant bread, Karinto, Kannato, chocolate, yokan, banana, dried fruit, nuts, honey lemon, cheese, barbecued pork, sausage, dried fish


【After going down the mountain】Diet to recover from muscle fatigue

After going down the mountain, the energy consumed after exercise should be replenished immediately to quickly recover from fatigue. It is ideal to have a meal as early as possible. And within 30 minutes after exercise is the golden time, which is the most critical time point for recovering muscle glycogen and synthesizing protein. But in fact, it is not easy to have a meal within 30 minutes after going down the mountain, and you should have a hearty meal within two hours at the slowest.

After going down the mountain, you may wish to use drinks or rations that can be easily ingested immediately to supplement nutrition and energy. It is recommended to eat sweet drinks, amino acid nutritional supplements, etc. If you can have a glass of milk at this time, it will make people feel extra delicious, and milk is also very helpful for heatstroke symptoms.

The body will be very tired after going down the mountain. What you should pay more attention to in terms of diet is to take in more easily digestible foods, such as fish, meat with less fat, etc., and supplement high-quality protein to speed up the recovery of muscle fatigue and muscle damage. Vitamin B1 also helps to recover from fatigue. For example, pork is a representative food that contains a lot of vitamin B1. It is also recommended that you consume citric acid. In addition, many people are prone to dehydration, and soup can be used to make up for the lack of water, while also replacing the sodium lost through sweat.

Menu example
・ Ginger Pork Set: You can get sugar from rice and supplement fat from meat. The protein in pork can effectively repair muscles, and vitamin B1 and C can help recover from fatigue.
・Tuna rice bowl: It can replenish potassium lost through sweat.
・Cream soup or seaweed sprout soup: It will not burden the stomach, and can supplement vitamins and minerals.

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