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Some people reflect their stretching is not in place, this article tries to use the most obvious explanation so that beginners can also master the stretching skills after exercise, effective system of stretching.


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1. What is pull?

The most important thing in stretching is the feeling of stretching, which is the feeling of stretching the muscle. Many people just follow the way others do it, in fact, there is no stretching feeling, so stretching is ineffective.

How to find the feeling of pulling, please straighten your left arm, hold your left hand with your right hand, and slowly pull to the direction of the body. At this time, there will be a feeling of muscle being pulled in your left forearm, and then DORA a little bit more, feel a little bit sore, stop in the case of pain and keep even breathing.

Note that the pull sensation must be clear and accurate in your forearm. If the pull sensation is not obvious, rotate the left hand to the right hand in the direction of palm forward and finger down until the pull sensation appears. Keep in mind this pull sensation, and all the back stretches have to find this pull sensation.

Stretching is only effective if the pull sensation is in the right place!!

2. The principle of stretching

Muscles are more like springs, divided into normal states, contraction states, and stretched states. When you stretch a muscle, you move in the opposite direction of what you're doing to build that muscle. So the design of any stretch is to hold one end in place and then figure out how to move the other end as far as possible.

3. The benefits of stretching

  • Extended range of motion, less prone to injury, free movement.
  • Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after exercise.
  • Stretching stretches the accumulated fat and disperses it. For example, by stretching the side muscles of the waist, you can narrow the waist.

4. The downside of not stretching after exercise

  • Not stretching results in muscle tension and decreased elasticity.
  • Make fatigue recovery slow, easy to cause sports injury.
  • It can cause posture problems.

5. Tips for stretching

  • The stretching must be done slowly. If you do it quickly, the muscles will contract and it won't work.
  • Inhale when you're ready, exhale when you start stretching.
  • Keep breathing evenly throughout the stretch.
  • Stretch each area about three times for 15 to 30 seconds each time.
  • Stretch the whole thing for 10 to 20 minutes.
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