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Health is the body's overall ability to function efficiently. Some sports are particularly good at improving this ability. Fitness is more than just endurance training. It also involves building up your strength in all areas. In other words, your strength, speed and flexibility. A solid fitness foundation is an important foundation for building strong muscles and steadily improving performance.

The following seven exercises are particularly good choices to build the necessary foundation. It's best to include at least two of these in your training program.

Even if you stick to moderate speeds, running is good news for your entire cardiovascular system. It's also good for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or stress. If you want to stay fit and get the best out of your run, you should pay attention to your posture - your waist is slightly forward and your eyes are looking straight ahead. Bowing your head puts unnecessary strain on your discs and the muscles in the back of your neck.

2. Walking
By that we mean fast walking with both arms. Walking is gentler than running, especially for those who are starting from scratch. You can even combine the two exercises, alternating every five minutes. Speed up your metabolism, burn fat, and cause less damage to your knees than running fast. If you think you'll be able to run marathons in the future, both walking and running are good exercise.

3. Biking
Whether you're outdoors or indoors, cycling is good for your abs, glutes, and leg muscles. Cycling is ideal for those who want to get involved in sport and is a great way to build up their fitness gradually. Beginners should start small and let it grow. Don't forget to stretch your legs and gluteus muscles after each workout.

4. Swimming
Gravity has less of an effect on the body in water, which is good news for building fitness muscles. Blood circulation is improved because water pressure increases blood flow from superficial vessels to the chest. In order to switch between different strokes, fitness enthusiasts strive to learn a variety of strokes to give themselves a good all-round fitness option. Backstroke, in particular, can work wonders for back pain because the semi-weightlessness you experience in the pool allows your back muscles to be toned in a different way than other sports. Swimming can also boost your metabolism and help get rid of cellulite, which plagues many women.

Rowing may not be a viable fitness option for everyone, but it's definitely a great way to increase your overall endurance. Although rowing and other strokes are done sitting down, they are good bodybuilders and are good for the back. Newcomers may see their pulse spike because they may have to work very hard. If you're just starting out, it's recommended that you take a break every 10 minutes.

6. Elliptical trainer
If you're already a regular gym goer, you'll be familiar with the elliptical machine and may even use it as part of your regular schedule. The elliptical machine has cemented its place in cardio equipment, which also includes treadmills and rowing machines. The elliptical machine is a good choice for beginners because it is easy to exercise joints and the strength can be adjusted.

7. Dancing
Yes, dancing is important too! And you don't have to wait until your next club get-together -- you can dance to your favorite music at home, with or without company. Warm up with a couple of slow songs, then start picking up the tempo. Dancing exercises many different muscles and makes your face smile. But sweating only works if you perform well.

The first rule of endurance training - if you want to do it, do it right
If you want to get fit, you need to remember one thing: don't overdo it. You should always feel more gas in your tank when your workout is over. Regardless of the type of exercise, make sure you spend enough time after each exercise to stretch your muscles. After a while, you'll see noticeable results, because there's nothing magical about staying in shape -- you just need to choose a proper training program.