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How can you keep yourself energized, maintain your best condition, and improve work efficiency at work? This needs to start with your living habits and work environment.

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time will cause eye fatigue. If we eat high-fat and high-sugar food for lunch, it is often the main cause of our drowsiness and lack of energy.

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Move more, relax your muscles and bones

Studies have shown that simple physical activity, such as walking and taking stairs, can increase vitality more than drinking coffee. Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, eye fatigue and lack of exercise are all causes of drowsiness.

When the sleepiness is too strong, you might as well get up and walk, loosen your muscles and bones, and do some stretching and relaxation exercises, which can help blood circulation and relieve tension, so that you can regain your spirit and improve work efficiency.



Do you also encounter this problem? I go to bed early at night, but I always tend to doze off after lunch. In fact, the problem may lie in your diet. It is recommended to eat light food for lunch and avoid high-fat and high-protein foods, such as: fried food, fatty meat, fast food, etc. Nutrition studies have shown that when we consume high-protein and high-fat foods, the level of cholecystokinin in the human body will increase, which will activate the area of the brain responsible for sleep, making people drowsy.

In addition, you might as well eat low-carb foods for lunch, such as: eggs, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, chia seeds, corn, etc., because high-carb foods make the glycemic index in the body soar and drop sharply, making us prone to hunger and feeling Fatigue and lethargy.


Listen to music

Music can soothe, relax and refresh you! Listening to upbeat songs, or singing out loud, will help wake you up! Studies have found that when we listen to music, the brain releases "dopamine", which makes people feel excited and happy, and instantly drives away drowsiness! In addition, light music can also improve your concentration and alertness, and improve work efficiency.


Break time

Long hours of work will tire the brain, affecting thinking ability and work efficiency. Therefore, you must give yourself proper and regular rest time to let your brain temporarily leave the state of tension and stress. For example, it is stipulated that every time you work for 90 minutes, you should take a 10-minute break. During these 10 minutes, you can look at the scenery or let your head empty, so that your brain can truly rest.

You can also take a 10-30 minute nap during your lunch break. Studies have found that a short nap after a short afternoon can make people feel full of energy, and help improve memory, regulate mood, and relieve tension.


Drink more water

Drinking water has many benefits. In addition to adding water to the body, balancing body temperature, and helping digestion, it can also promote blood circulation and increase metabolism, maintain the vitality of human cells, and naturally feel good! Therefore, no matter how busy you are at work, remember to drink plenty of water.


Smell the citrus

A study found that smelling fresh citrus can refresh the mind and reduce anxiety. You might as well put some lemons or citrus on the work table, smell it when you are tired, it can refresh you and relieve your stress. Perhaps you can also use a citrus-scented perfume and let the fresh scent help you feel refreshed!


Improve working environment

A narrow company environment will make people feel oppressed and anxious, and placing too many clutter will also affect the lighting of the office. Insufficient light will cause our eyes to sleepy and distracted. Therefore, it is advisable to improve the company's environment, store unnecessary documents and sundries, and release more work space, which will help promote the creativity of the brain and improve work efficiency.

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