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A lot of people think that men are supposed to be "tough guys" who don't need to stretch as much as women and have a "soft" body, but it's not. Men's bodies become stiffer and stiffer as they engage in intense activity for a long time. If you don't stretch, your range of motion will be limited and your sensitivity will decrease, increasing the risk of injury.

Therefore, stretching is not equal to men and women. Men should also keep stretching every day to relax their muscles and improve their physical fitness. The skeleton structure of men is not quite the same as that of women, so men stretch slightly differently from women.

The following set of actions, very suitable for male friends to practice. Do 1-2 sets for 20-30 seconds. Let's take a look

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Action 1. Stretch the upper body side watch chain

Note: Hands and torso on a flat surface, body lateral flexion when the lower body remains still, buttocks do not leave the mat. You can feel a stretch on the side of your body and the upper arm. I'm going to stretch both sides.

Action 2. Stretch the front of the thigh

Note: Lunge your front leg and keep your knees above your toes. Keep your back knee slightly further away from the ball of your front foot. Hold your back foot with your same hand and point your body straight ahead. A strong stretching sensation can be felt in the back thigh, as well as in the arm and shoulder on the same side. Practice on both sides.

Action 3. Stretch the front thigh and side of the body

Note: Right leg lunge, thigh and calf vertical. Keep your left calf on the mat with your knee behind you for a stronger stretch. Right hand akimbo, left hand straight at ear side. As you exhale, bend your upper body to the right, with your weight slightly forward. At this time can feel the high left thigh front and the left side of the body have a sense of stretching. Practice on both sides.

Action 4: Stretch your back

Note: Bring the soles of your feet together and curl your body toward your feet as you exhale. Grab the tops of your feet and bring your head down. Feel the stretch in your back.

Action 5. Stretch the back and back of your thighs

Note: Stretch one leg straight in front of you and point your toes toward the ceiling. Bend the other leg behind your body. As you exhale, bend your body forward and hold the front toes with your hands straight, bringing your head down to feel the stretch. Practice on both sides.

Action 6: Stretch your back

What to watch for: Kneel on the mat with your knees bent and your legs together. Exhale with your right hand on the left mat, right hand straight, left elbow bent on the left mat. Watch your hips move away from your heels, but don't move them side to side. We can only stretch to the back if the hips are stable. Stretch both sides of your back.

It is recommended that male friends take 5-10 minutes every day to practice this movement, which can effectively relieve the stiffness of the body, improve the physical activity and sensitivity, and improve the quality of life

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While strenching,pay attention to your health is important.For monitoring you health,wearing a BP smart watch is a good choice.You can use it to monitor your BP,HR,temperature,SpO2,and others.