Smart Health Watch

  • For the watch, blood oxygen monitoring is only a part of the function. The most important thing is to serve as an auxiliary reminder. As for the importance, it depends on the individual. If we really want to know whether the blood oxygen test of the bracelet is useful to young people, we might as well Let's start with what blood oxygen is. In a normal person, the concentration of blood oxygen is above 95%, and if it is in the hypoxic period for a long time, the human body will begin to have uncomfortable characteristics, such as dizziness.
  • We are running, rowing, etc. There will be aerobic exercise, resulting in low oxygen content, which will cause a period of hypoxia, and the decrease in blood oxygen level is not everyone can feel, if the blood oxygen saturation is low for a long time If it is normal, then it is very necessary to have a watch to remind you, and it can also be adjusted through some data. Of course, apart from blood oxygen detection, the functions of the watch are not limited to these, heart rate detection and heart detection.
  • For physical health, whether it is a watch or a professional testing instrument, it can only bring testing data to yourself. It is still recommended that no matter how busy or tiring life is, you should give yourself a break and get ready to go. More fitness exercises, I wish you a better body too.