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1: Be prepared to prevent strain

For any kind of exercise, preparation is a must. Many young people start running as soon as they go out, without any relaxation of the joints and ligaments. This can be dangerous. When the temperature is low in autumn, human muscles and ligaments will reflexively cause vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, reduced range of joint activity, and reduced ligament extension.

The command ability of the nervous system to the muscles will also decline in the case of no preparation for activities. If not fully prepared for activities before exercise, it will cause joint ligament strain, muscle strain, etc., which seriously affects daily life, but exercise has become a kind of injury.

Therefore, no matter how old you are, you should prepare for exercise before doing it. The length of time and content can vary from person to person, but generally it is better to make the body slightly warm. After finishing the preparatory activities, the body can adapt to the slow or rapid and intense activities, so as to achieve the purpose of exercise.

2: Sports protection, injury prevention

Human muscles and ligaments in the autumn temperature begins to drop in the environment, easy to reflexively cause vasoconstriction, joint physiological activity decreases, so it is easy to cause muscle, tendon, ligament and joint sports injury. Therefore, each exercise should also pay attention to the method of exercise, in addition to fully prepared activities, the range and intensity of exercise should be attached importance to, do not force yourself to do some of the more difficult actions.

Outdoor exercise should be arranged according to each person's own health condition. Each kind of exercise will consume some energy, produce various metabolites, and break the original state of balance in the body. Therefore, the recovery process is actually part of the exercise, only through proper rest, nutrition and physical therapy to restore the body and establish a new balance, the whole body can maintain a healthy state.

3: Morning running exercise, not roadside

Many people like jogging, is a good way of exercise, the most suitable for young people, jogging can enhance respiratory function, increase lung capacity, enhance myocardial function, so jogging is a good fitness method. In autumn, jogging on Linyin Avenue, breathing fresh air is good for human health, but now in the city, more and more heavy traffic on the road, many people in order to save trouble, jogging on the roadside to exercise, in fact, this is very unhealthy.

Because the autumn climate is dry, the dust is easy to fly up, so that the air is polluted, running on the roadside, the lung capacity increases, will inhale more dust and harmful gases from the car.

Increased the damage to the body. So morning running and exercise, the best choice in the park and other quiet and clean places, rather than jogging on the side of the road.

4: Timely water, prevent autumn dryness

From the humid and sultry summer into autumn, suddenly the climate is dry, the temperature is also reduced a lot, the body is easy to accumulate some dry heat, and the autumn air humidity is reduced, easy to cause dry throat, mouth Shaojin, lip dry, nose bleeding, dry stool and other symptoms.

In addition, the loss of water during exercise will aggravate the lack of water in the human body. Therefore, after exercise, we must drink more boiled water, eat more pear, apple, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables and other soft food, or usually drink more rock sugar pear water, winter melon soup and other food to maintain the normal secretion of the upper respiratory tract mucosa and prevent sore throat.

Such as long-distance running exercise, but also drink the right amount of sugar boiled water, to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating, limb weakness and other adverse physiological reactions, if the amount of exercise is large, sweating too much, can be added a small amount of salt in the boiling water, in order to maintain the acid-base balance in the body.

Hydration during exercise can not drink a lot before or after exercise, drinking too much before exercise is easy to cause gastrointestinal burden, and when you move up the stomach is also affected by the exercise, drinking after exercise will take away a lot of electrolytes, part of the flow out of the body, is not good for the body, drinking water when exercise can best be a small amount of drinking.

5: Step by step, don't overdo it

Some people think that the amount of exercise can be good, strong resistance, in fact, exercise, like eating and sleeping, is moderate. Too much or too little exercise has no good effect on health. Only proper exercise can play the role of fitness and disease prevention.

Do not exercise the body easy to become fat, the function of various organs in the body will decline, directly cause the body's resistance and stress ability to reduce, leading to a variety of diseases; Excessive exercise will consume a lot of physical strength and not recover, but a long time to accumulate disease.

Autumn exercise and other seasons exercise, exercise should be from small to large, step by step. When exercising, you feel your body is a little hot and sweaty, and you feel relaxed and comfortable after exercising. This is the standard of good results. On the contrary, if you are very tired after exercise, still feel uncomfortable after rest, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, heart palpitations, reduced food intake, then your exercise may be too much, the next exercise must reduce the amount of exercise.

6: Morning exercise, can not empty stomach

Some people, used to get up in the morning to exercise, practice and then eat breakfast, this is not very good for the body. During exercise, the body will consume a lot of energy. After a night of digestion and metabolism, the food eaten the night before has been digested, and there is basically no energy for the body to consume. If you still exercise when your stomach is empty and hungry, hypoglycemia will easily occur.

After getting up before exercise should be appropriate to drink some sugar water or eat some fruit "pad", so that the body gets some start energy, will be more conducive to health. After exercise, you can rest for 20 to 30 minutes to allow your heart and lungs to return to a stable state while your gastrointestinal system is properly prepared, and then start eating.

7: Exercise reasonably and get enough sleep

As the saying goes, "spring is sleepy and autumn is tired". Entering autumn, the climate is pleasant and the sunshine time becomes shorter. Using this good opportunity to ensure adequate sleep as much as possible can not only restore physical strength and ensure health, but also improve the body's immunity. Therefore, in autumn, we should follow the running rules of the human body clock, develop good sleeping habits, and then coupled with orderly scientific exercise, the body can be better and better.

Outdoor sports must be in the best mental state and physiological state, with full emotions into the fitness exercise, in order to achieve the results of physical exercise and mental enjoyment of pleasure. If you exercise forcibly when you are depressed, depressed, physically weakened or injured, it will increase the burden of organs and damage the function of the body. Therefore, exercise should also be carried out when you have enough sleep and are full of energy.

8: Pay attention to clothing to prevent colds

Autumn and summer are different, the morning temperature has begun to be a little low, exercise generally sweat more, slightly do not pay attention to the risk of catching a cold. Therefore, do not get up and go outdoors in a single suit, but to give the body a time to adapt.

Do not "play a single child" in autumn exercise, do not warm up on the vest shorts, wear sweaty clothes in the cold wind stay easy to catch cold, should be avoided as far as possible. Go out to exercise should wear a loose, comfortable coat, such as preparing for activities or exercise for a while after the body fever, then take off the coat, lest the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, the body is not adapted to catch a cold. If you sweat a lot after working out, put on your coat on the way back, and then take off your sweaty clothes when you get indoors, dry off, and put on dry clothes.

9: Full of alcohol and food, not exercise

The living habits of modern people are rarely "work at sunrise and rest at sunset". They sleep late at night and work more in the morning. Many people have no time to exercise in the morning, so some people set the exercise time after dinner. It's good to be able to keep exercising, but exercise, even walking, right after eating is not healthy.

This is because after meals, the blood circulation of the digestive system is greatly increased, while the blood circulation of the other parts of the body will be relatively reduced. If you start to exercise immediately, the digestive process will be blocked, and the gastrointestinal tract is easy to get sick. So wait 30 minutes after eating before exercising.

In addition, patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension accompanied by cerebral arteriosclerosis, patients after gastric surgery, gastric ptosis and hepatitis patients should not take a walk after meals as a way of exercise.

10: Adjust your diet and strengthen your physical strength

In autumn, when the weather is pleasant, people have a great appetite. In preparation for the cold winter, the body actively stores cold fat, so the body takes in more calories than it gives out. In autumn, it is important to eat more nutritious foods to strengthen your strength. On the other hand, it is important to watch out for weight gain, especially if you are obese.

Secondly, in the autumn should also pay attention to improve the consumption of heat, planned to increase exercise, more mountain climbing, walking, can not only feel comfortable, but also increase the amount of activity, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Autumn exercise can build up the body's resistance to winter cold and the various diseases that tend to strike us during the fall and winter changes. Pay attention to eat some low calorie weight loss food, such as red beans, radish, bamboo shoots, pearl barley, kelp, mushrooms, do not eat heavy oil greasy food, so as not to increase the burden of the stomach and intestines, but also make the body temperature, blood sugar rise, make people depressed, fatigue.

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