Best smart watch

Smartwatches can help you master your digital life. These devices help you with text messages and phone calls, many of which can be set up for NFC payments and work with a variety of apps. They're also increasingly doing most of what fitness trackers do. Many smartwatches today have built-in sensors that can count your steps and calories, track your heart rate, and even detect irregular heartbeats.


Many models of smartwatches require pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth to perform most of their functions, but some models come with cellular connectivity, allowing you to go for a run or bike ride while staying connected, but you don't need to carry your phone to receive phone call or text message.

Smartwatch technology is also evolving. The models are also sleeker and look and feel more like regular watches or fitness trackers. Some offer fancier case and strap options for office or social occasions.

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