Smart watches

First of all, a smart watch is a watch, and the basic function of a watch is time. Therefore, every smart watch must have time, and the time must be displayed on the screen. Therefore, the reason why smart watches must have a screen.

Secondly, the smart watch can use its internal intelligent system to synchronize calls, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc. in the mobile phone through Bluetooth. At present, the smart watches on the market can be roughly divided into two categories: those that use Bluetooth to connect without a call function; the other is a smart phone that can be installed with a SIM card for long-distance calls, which is a smart phone in the form of a watch.

The smart bracelet uses its internal sensing chip to collect information on human physiological functions, which is mainly used for health monitoring, including exercise step recording, sleep monitoring, heart rate detection, fall determination, sedentary reminder and other information. Built-in GPS for data transmission, and synchronize these data to terminal devices such as mobile phones, and use the data to guide the role of healthy life.

Although smart watches can take advantage of the innate advantage of fitting the wrist to achieve many functions of measuring human physiological indicators, but because of the LCD screen, it is easy to become an electronic watch accidentally, so there will always be a life-and-death conflict with traditional watches. . The bracelet can have no screen and can be made more like a traditional wrist accessory, so it can coexist harmoniously with traditional watches.