Sport Smart Watch

At present, if you want to monitor your health and exercise status at any time, most users will probably choose various fitness tracker products. However, smartwatches are also starting to make their mark in this field.

For the purpose of tracking their various fitness activities, most people still prefer fitness trackers. This group is more purposeful, with 79% of fitness tracker owners engaging in regular fitness activities, compared to 66% of smartwatch owners.

However, the differences between these two groups are narrowing. For example, in the specific type of sport activity running, more users wear smartwatches than those who choose fitness trackers. According to NPD, 22% of smartwatch owners regularly run, compared to 21% of fitness tracker users.

Fitness trackers are usually only capable of tracking certain sports and metrics, such as heart rate, calorie burn, or steps. While some fitness trackers are starting to add more features, smartwatches already have more advanced health-related features that are gradually attracting the attention of consumers who are concerned about their health.

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