Best smart watch

With the popularity of smart watches, a large number of people have fallen in love with this smart wearing tool. Smart watches not only have basic watch functions, but also have some diversified features. So what are the characteristics of a good smart watch? ?

1. Display time information

Watches are meant to tell the time, and so should smartwatches.

2. Some degree of independence, compatible with iOS and Android

Under the current technical conditions, it is not practical for smart watches to achieve complete independence, but independence is also a feature that such products should have. Support for iOS and Android is also essential.

3. The design is like a watch

It is best for men's watches and women's watches to have their own characteristics.

4. High battery life

No need to charge, no need to upgrade, you can use it for a long time. If you always need to charge your smartwatch and worry that it might run out of power at any time, it becomes a "smart burden" for you.

5. Outdoor visibility

As a watch, if the content on its screen can't be seen clearly in the sun, why should I wear it?

6. Waterproof

After wearing the watch, you can freely perform any activities, such as swimming and bathing, without worrying that the smart watch will be damaged by water.

7. Personalized customization

As an important accessory to express one's own taste, personalization will be able to increase the attractiveness of smartwatches for some consumers.

8. Health function

Most smart watches have a step counting function, which can automatically calculate the energy consumption of the mileage time.

9. Multimedia playback, photography and other entertainment functions

Smart watches can often use the buttons of the watch to remotely control the mobile phone to take pictures or record, which solves the inconvenience of holding the mobile phone to a certain extent.

10. Make phone calls and send and receive text messages

A smart watch phone is a small smart phone, one of its most basic functions is to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages.

11. Tailor-made interface

Not only are these devices small, but users can only interact with them using gestures.

12. Application

A smartwatch should also be open enough for developers to take full advantage of its capabilities. Without app support, the fate of smartwatches is no different from that of smartphones on some platforms.

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