Blood Pressure Watch

If you  want to have a watch cheaper than Apple watch,you can have a look of our BP doctor watch,which is good and professional at blood pressure monitoring.

If you only say the first point, you will definitely be criticized by many people. Apple watch supports a lot of software, but these mobile phones can do it and do it better. Why do I need an Apple watch? Here we will talk about a function of Apple watch, which is an irreplaceable function of smart watches - sports health monitoring.

Because the phone can only be used in the hand, and the Apple watch is worn close to the body, which provides convenience for the watch in health monitoring. By adding various high-precision sensors (acceleration sensor, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, etc.) to the back of the Apple watch, it can monitor the physiological indicators of the human body while wearing it closely, helping users to better understand their physical health. , to better manage their physical health.

At present, the health monitoring functions supported by Apple watch include but are not limited to: blood oxygen saturation monitoring, heart rate monitoring and warning, sleep monitoring, noise monitoring, fall monitoring, etc. In addition, in December last year, Apple watch officially launched the ECG function to China, which means that users do not need to go to the hospital, but can directly use the watch to measure the ECG, which is very important for users who have sinus rhythm. useful.

Health monitoring and exercise functions are inseparable. Most users especially need to keep track of their physical conditions while exercising. This is conducive to grasping their own physiological limits, which can not only continuously challenge themselves, but also effectively prevent excessive exercise to the body cause damage.