Smart watch health tracker

Fitness trackers are the best way to track steps, heart rate and sleep quality on a regular basis. If you've recently started using one and have been facing problems with trackers but don't know what to do, here's some help...

Problems and solutions of fitness tracker

Fitness tracker and device matching issues

smart watches with heart rate

This is a common problem with most fitness trackers. If you too experience this problem, first check that you have a working Internet connection on your device and that the fitness tracker is near the device. If you use your tracker all day, make sure Bluetooth is on. The only downside is that it's easy to drain the battery. So make sure your phone is fully charged. If your fitness tracker still won't sync, remove all other fitness tracker devices from your account and the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone, and then try to sync again. That should help.

Unable to see the heart rate.

Heart rate is tracked by an optical heart rate sensor built into the tracker. No matter which brand you use, make sure the belt you're wearing is correct and tight enough. The tracker should be properly mounted on your wrist, because heart rate tracking won't work if the band is loose. Finally, check that your device has heart rate tracking enabled.

Battery Quickly Drains

smart watches with heart rate

Fully charged, the fitness tracker can easily last four to five days. If your tracker doesn't last more than two days, you may need to change Settings and turn off unwanted features. If you have been receiving non-stop notifications, turn off your phone, SMS, or calendar notifications. Doing so will help extend battery life. Also, turn off the hour reminder to get out of your seat and run. If you do not need heart rate data, change your heart rate Settings. Open it when you need to. But the BP smartwatch has super battery life and can be charged just once for the next week when you're using it every day.