Smart Watches

Smartwatch is an increasingly popular self-tracking tool.Although the parameters provided by the watch may affect your health, interpreting and processing these data will produce healthy results.

Today, doctors, nutritionists and health coaches are willing to study data to determine activity patterns, sleep, heart health and other important indicators.Many smartwatches begin to embed medical-grade sensors, including ECG, SPO2 and so on.Which extends to continuous health monitoring.

We will introduce three health outcomes that can be achieved with smartwatches.

1.Better sleep.
2.Improve your health.
3.Heart health monitoring.

Better sleep:

Sleep quality is as important as sleep time.Most smartwatches can help track parameters related to both.Before optimizing advanced sleep indicators such as deep sleep time, try to achieve daily goals in terms of quantity and quality.Record your daily activities and associate them with better sleep quality.

Some general suggestions for improving sleep include:

  • Wake up at the same time every day.
  • Optimize the sleep environment, such as dark room, ideal room temperature, low noise.
  • Don't look at electronic products before going to bed.
  • Avoid caffeine after 5 p.m.

Improve your health:

Physical fitness includes heart and lung, endurance, strength, mobility and many other aspects, but smartwatches track only some of them.Although calculating the number of steps is a good starting parameter, it is a very basic indicator of your level of activity.This is because of the importance of exercise intensity and, most importantly, the result of improving health.Therefore, it is very important to achieve daily and weekly activity goals and reach the intensity area.

Some general suggestions for improving health include:

  • Do all kinds of exercise, including strength, aerobics, flexibility, etc.
  • Assess your health level, including maximum oxygen uptake, if your watch supports it, and try to improve it.
  • Track intensity indicators, including the area of heart rate during exercise.
  • Recovery is as important as activity.
  • If your watch supports, track your recovery.

Heart health monitoring:

There are various internal and external indicators of heart health.No smartwatch can measure all aspects of heart health.Resting heart rate is an alternative indicator of your heart and lung health.The lower the better.Advanced indicators such as ECG and HRV need to be explained by medical experts and practitioners.

Some general recommendations for heart health monitoring include:

  • Nutrition, stress management and exercise are important pillars of heart health.
  • Use the heart rate range in exercise to get better fitness results.
  • Use your heart rate variability to better manage stress and recovery.
  • If you find any abnormal heart rate, please contact your health care provider.

Smartwatches help users understand their bodies through numbers.Smartwatches slowly and steadily track important indicators of health and happiness.