Smart watch

Instead of traditional quartz watches and so on, opt for smartwatches, which are now popular.

The style and function of the watch The style and function of the watch, the watch is divided into two categories: mechanical and quartz, the most common mechanical watch, the function is automatic calendar.

Quartz watch and mechanical watch Which is better? Quartz watch or mechanical watch should be good or bad, regardless of value, and quartz watches are also expensive. There are also cheap mechanical watches. Generally speaking, mechanical watches are more ornamental, while quartz watches have high precision and are easy to use. To distinguish them, there are 3 ways. (1) Look at the logo, the automatic watch will have AUTOMATIC letters, or SELF-WINDING letters, (2) Look at the movement of the second hand. It is a quartz watch that jumps every second, and a mechanical watch is the second hand that continuously crosses the dial. (3) Whether it can be wound or has the sound of automatic rotor rotation.

The indication function of the watch is matched with the dial to indicate the time, and there are windows that use numbers. Windowed are mostly used for calendars. The so-called "big calendar" is two windows, showing the tens and ones of the date respectively.