BP DOCTOR WATCH has great functions of monitoring blood pressure,temperature,blood sugar,etc


While monitoring your daily steps and eating habits is a great way to keep up with your eating and exercise goals, doctors say these functions are mostly about "lifestyle awareness."What does that mean?"They're great for helping you stay motivated to stick to your goals, but they're not medically important," he explains.

Basically, these features can help you avoid health problems in the long run.But they don't allow you to spot existing health problems or identify threats that are just around the corner.So what do doctors actually want you to access on your wrist?

And heart rate variability.Doctors say these measures can provide insight into not only your overall level of regulation, but also how your heart rate changes throughout the day (and during activity), helping you spot signs of potentially life-threatening heart disease.

Hydration state."When you're thirsty, you're dehydrated," the doctor said.
Even mild dehydration can damage your energy levels, as well as your motor and cognitive abilities.With that in mind, he says, being able to deal with impending dehydration ahead of time gives you all sorts of benefits.

Blood sugar.Obviously, this has huge implications for diabetics.(No more self-drawn blood tests.But even for those without diabetes, "regulating blood sugar is important for weight management," the doctor explained.Why is that?The sugar in your blood sends hormonal signals to your body indicating whether it's storing or burning fat.