Blood Pressure Watch

To ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, please observe the following requirements:
(1) The selection of the airbag/strap model, the tightness and position of the wearing, and the standard measurement posture are the keys to accurate measurement. For detailed operations, please refer to the "Getting Started Guide".
(2) Because blood pressure will vary in different time periods, it is recommended to measure blood pressure at the same time period every day.
(3) Please do not take the measurement immediately after smoking, drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, bathing, or exercising, and wait at least 30 minutes before taking the measurement.
(4) After urinating and defecation, please wait 10 minutes before taking the measurement.
(5) Please do not measure within 1 hour after meals.
(6) Please do not measure in places where it is too cold, too hot or the environment changes drastically.
(7) Please do not measure while standing or lying down.
(8) Please do not measure while the body part is under pressure.
(9) Please do not measure in a moving vehicle.
(10) Please do not forcefully stretch or bend the strap and airbag.
(11) Try to rest for 5 minutes before the measurement, so that the body is in a state of natural relaxation, and avoid measuring when you are emotionally stressed.
(12) Please measure in a quiet environment, do not speak, bend your fingers, move your body and arms during the measurement.
(13) When measuring continuously, please wait 1~2 minutes before taking the next measurement. The waiting time will allow the arteries to return to the state before the blood pressure measurement.