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The pleasant climate in autumn is the best time for exercise and fitness. Exercise is conducive to the growth of bones and muscles, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve blood circulation, respiratory system and digestive system function, but also improve the body's disease resistance and enhance our adaptability.

Although exercise is beneficial to physical and mental health, incorrect exercise habits are harmful to health and even cause serious harm to our bodies.

8 exercise habits that are harmful to health.


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1. Do strenuous exercise as soon as you finish your meal.

After eating, the digestive organs need a large blood supply. If you exercise at this time, it is bound to make the skeletal muscle take away a lot of blood, resulting in digestive tract ischemia. Not only the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines is weakened, but also the secretion of digestive juice will be reduced, which will cause indigestion.

Suggestion: generally speaking, it is best to do exercise 30 minutes-1 hour after meals (depending on personal conditions), while intense sports competitions are best carried out 2 hours after meals.

2.Do exercise on an empty stomach.

Fasting blood glucose levels will be low, at this time, exercise may lead to dizziness, or even vomiting, there will be "exercise-induced hypoglycemia", increasing the risk of accidental injury.

Suggestion: before exercise, you should eat less digestible food, such as a banana, an apple or a small box of yogurt, so that you will not feel uncomfortable due to low blood sugar. So as to avoid heavy load injury and stress to the body.

3. No warm-up and stretching.

Warming up before exercise and stretching after exercise are an indispensable part of exercise. Before exercise, if you directly enter high-intensity aerobic exercise without warming up, the cardiovascular system and respiratory system of the human body have not yet entered the exercise state, the body temperature is also low, and the muscle flexibility is not good, which is very easy to bring damage to the body. such as ligament strain or muscle injury.

A sudden stop after strenuous exercise can cause a large amount of blood to accumulate to the brain and heart, and in severe cases can lead to dizziness, shock and even sudden death.

Suggestion: warming up 10 minutes before exercise can increase the body temperature of major parts of the body, make more blood flow to the muscles, and prepare the body for exercise.

Relaxing and stretching for 10 minutes after exercise will help to adjust heart rate, relax muscles, protect joints, effectively prevent sports injuries and increase muscle elasticity.

4. Don't drink water before exercise, but pour water after exercise.

During a large amount of exercise, the amount of sweat is 2-3 times that of the usual. If there is no adequate hydration before exercise and no timely hydration during exercise, it will lead to a rise in body temperature and insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients for muscles. Eventually lead to exercise fatigue.

Some people will say that it is enough to drink a lot of water quickly after exercise. In fact, during exercise, most of the blood will flow to the muscles of all parts of the body. at this time, if you drink a lot of water at one time, the water will accumulate in the stomach, which may lead to heavy flatulence of the abdomen. affect breathing or stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting and other phenomena.
Moreover, the heart will not get enough rest because it has to decompose the water that enters the blood vessels, increasing the burden.

Suggestion:15-30 minutes before exercise, can be divided into 2-3 times to replenish about 300ml of water; and exercise should be every 15 minutes or so, on a small slow drink several times to supplement about 150,300ml of water, must not drink up; need to replenish 1000 ml of water after exercise, should also use a small number of rehydration methods.

5. Overeating after exercise.

After exercise, because of a lot of physical consumption, some friends will choose to eat a lot of high-calorie snacks or have a good meal with friends who exercise together.

But in fact, after exercise, due to the concentration of blood in limb muscles and respiratory system, at this time, such as eating a lot of high-calorie food or overeating, it will cause a great burden on the intestines and stomach, and it will also have a negative impact on people who want to lose weight.

Suggestion: after high-intensity exercise, you can slowly drink some non-calorie liquids such as white water and light tea to replenish water, and try not to eat immediately within half an hour after exercise. After half an hour of adjustment, you can appropriately supplement foods rich in protein, such as eggs, milk, fruit and so on.

6. Drink chilled drinks or drink heavily after exercise.

After exercise, many people are used to drinking cold drinks to quench their thirst. Do not realize that a large number of cold drinks into the body, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause vasoconstriction, mucosal ischemia, weaken gastrointestinal digestive function, and cause spasmodic pain, and even lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Moreover, drinking ice water immediately after strenuous exercise may also cause a decrease in human blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to the brain, damage to the heart, spleen and kidney, and, in serious cases, sudden death.

Drinking alcohol after strenuous exercise will do more harm to the body than usual. Because the body will be hyperactive after strenuous exercise, drinking will make the body absorb alcohol more quickly and enter the bloodstream, which can cause fatty liver, cirrhosis, gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases for a long time.

Moreover, drinking a lot of beer after exercise will increase the uric acid in the blood, stimulate the joints, and may cause joint inflammation.

Suggestion: replenish water during exercise every 15 minutes or so, take a small number of ways to supplement 150-200 milliliters of normal or warm water; and it is best not to drink alcohol before and after exercise.

7. Exercise blindly or excessively.

Some people do not consider their own ability, forcibly carry out training beyond their load or suddenly increase the amount of exercise for some reason, which is not conducive to their health and is likely to lead to muscle and ligament injuries.

In addition, do not exercise according to the usual intensity when you are very tired or sick, when the body's immunity and resistance will decline, you should suspend exercise or reduce the amount of exercise, so as not to do harm to your health instead of fitness. Even cause irreparable consequences.

Suggestion: according to your physical condition, you can choose your own sports items and amount of exercise. If there are symptoms such as dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain and shortness of breath during exercise, you should stop all activities immediately and avoid hard support.

8. Outdoor sports in haze days.

It is easy to infect respiratory diseases and cause cardio-cerebrovascular diseases; haze weather can easily lead to the decline of respiratory system defense function and lung function. In addition, exercise in foggy days is also easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Suggestion: in haze days, those who have exercise habits should stop outdoor exercise, and it is best not to carry out cardiopulmonary exercise, such as high-intensity running.

Finally, do you have any bad habits in these sports? Bad habits should be corrected in time, while good habits should be formed slowly. So, from now on, stick to good habits and be a real health athlete.


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