Smart Watch With Blood Pressure

Weight loss, less salt, more exercise and smoking cessation are all good non drug methods that can continuously reduce systolic blood pressure. If you want to achieve a better blood pressure reduction goal, you can refer to the 5 simple methods summarized by the US "reader's Digest magazine website".

1. The sitting posture should be correct.

When sitting, the feet shake or cross, which is a position between sitting and standing, will affect the blood pressure reading, because the blood pressure of the two positions is different. The correct way is to sit upright on the chair, with your back flat against the back of the chair, with your feet flat on the floor, and do not cross your legs, otherwise the blood flow will be affected.

2. The arm is supported.

If your arm is too high or too low in the process of measuring blood pressure, the heart will pump blood harder, resulting in high blood pressure readings. The correct way to do this is to place your arms flat on the table, in line with your heart.

3. Breathe slowly.

When the pressure is high, the blood pressure will rise. Deep breathing can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. The correct way is to inhale deeply through the nose, fill the chest and abdomen, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat the above process.

4. Eat dark chocolate.

A literature review of 35 related studies found that healthy adults who ate flavanol rich foods, such as cocoa and dark chocolate, could reduce their blood pressure by 2 mmHg. But that doesn't mean you should eat it before taking your blood pressure. It's the right way to develop healthy eating habits in your daily life.

5. Do grip exercises.

The study found that healthy adults could reduce their systolic blood pressure by about 10 mmHg after doing simple grip exercises three times a week for 15 minutes each time for 10 weeks. However, be careful not to do grip exercises 1 hour before blood pressure measurement to avoid affecting the results.

What's more,wearing a BP smart watch that monitor your blood pressure everywhere will help you a lot to keep your BP health and drop it.