Square Smart Watch

How often do you have to worry about your phone running out of battery when you have so much to do today? Have you ever left your phone at home in the morning when you were rushing to work? How are you feeling today? Have to take your phone with you (or even go to the bathroom) to wait for an important call? How do you feel when you're in a crowded vehicle and your phone rings deep in your jacket pocket or at the bottom of your purse? I don't think it's necessary to say more about modern people's reliance on mobile phones. What a strange situation one finds oneself in when deprived of the opportunity to answer a phone call or read an important text message.

Fortunately, these drawbacks can be easily circumvented, as smartphones now have a versatile companion in the form of smartwatches. Small and convenient, connected to a smartphone, easy to use, can be fixed on the wrist at any time.

What is a smartwatch and what are its main functions?

smart watches that don't need a phone

A smartwatch looks like a simple watch, but it does more. Functions can vary depending on the manufacturer, but most smartwatches can send and receive text messages, receive push notifications and social media alerts, play music, and offer opportunities for many other actions.

BP smartwatch is a health-focused watch. There are many styles and colors available.

So, let's take a look at how to use the BP smartwatch as efficiently as possible in your daily life.

Use Case 1: Health tracking

With the development of technology, watches today have become more versatile. Followed by the watch manufacturers on the watch health function of in-depth research and development. BP smartwatch focuses on the research and development of health tracking function, with monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, lung respiration, body temperature and other functions. Cleverly superimposed micro air bag, air pump and other structures, blood pressure measurement technology into the watch, a comprehensive sense of vascular signals. At the same time, the BP smartwatch also supports remote spatial data sharing, allowing you to view your family's health data reports such as exercise, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen at any time to remotely protect your family's health.

smart watches that don't need a phone

Use case 2 : Sports record

BP smartwatch has a variety of motion modes that can be switched freely. With a built-in nine-axis weight sensor, the watch can accurately record your daily steps, mileage, calories and other data. Meanwhile, the watch also has functions such as sitting reminders and sleep quality monitoring, which can provide more comprehensive data on your health.

Use case 3 : Receive notifications

One of the main functions of a smartwatch is to receive notifications like a mini pager. Users can set up a preferred app that allows push notifications to be sent to the smartwatch. This feature allows you to receive social media notifications and text messages without using your phone. When the watch is connected to the mobile phone, it will receive APP messages and push future calls to the watch synchronously. You don't miss any important information, whether it's doing housework or exercising.

Use Case 4: Post-it notes

The feature allows users to send small text notes to the smartwatch that look like notifications. This is an essential feature for, say, keeping a list of essentials for a trip to the supermarket. You can set an alarm or a post-it note on the BP watch, which will be reminded by silent vibration.