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When we feel fatigued, unwilling to talk, in a bad mood, lose our appetite, and experience mental fog, our body is signaling that our energy reserves are depleted, and we need to recharge and rest. While there seem to be numerous ways to let the body rest and recover, the harsh reality is that some people "charge for 5 minutes and standby for 2 hours," while others "charge for 2 hours and have only 5 minutes of standby."

Apart from individual differences in constitution, the disparity is also linked to whether your charging method is "fast charging" or "slow charging," whether it's a "successful charge" or "ineffective charge," and if your energy consumption is in "power-saving mode" or "power-consuming mode," whether it's "variable frequency" or "fixed frequency."

So, how can we transform from "I feel physically and mentally exhausted" to "I feel fantastic"? Let's delve into the details today.

1. Sleep and Rest

Quickly alleviate fatigue, accelerate recovery, and maintain high energy levels—the champion among methods is, without a doubt, sleep. However, both insufficient and excessive sleep can exacerbate fatigue and lead to various health issues.

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  • Sleep Quality Matters More Than Duration While sleep duration is a necessary condition for the normal functioning of the body, poor sleep quality renders even extended sleep ineffective. In other words, improving sleep quality is essential for utilizing sleep to relieve fatigue and achieve the goal of rest.

    There are many ways to enhance sleep quality, such as waking up at a fixed time, effectively adjusting the daily rhythm. Taking a warm bath before bedtime can also relax the body and mind.

  • Effective Remedies for "Sleep Debt" "Sleep debt" refers to the residual fatigue that accumulates when insufficient sleep prevents effective recovery, acting like borrowed energy with accumulating interest. To address "sleep debt," timely repairs are necessary to prevent the continued accumulation of hidden fatigue.

  • How to Determine If You Have "Sleep Debt" On holidays, wake up naturally (not sleeping in or going back to sleep), calculate your sleep duration, and subtract the sleep duration on workdays. If the difference is more than 2 hours, it indicates you are in a "sleep debt" state.

  • How to Repay "Sleep Debt" Try to plan additional sleep systematically. While catching up on sleep is a way to repay sleep "debt," attempting to sleep excessively in one go can disrupt your circadian rhythm, significantly reduce sleep quality, and trigger new fatigue. Therefore, planned extra sleep is beneficial for fatigue recovery.

2. Nap During Work Breaks

Since 1995, NASA has actively conducted research on napping, known as "NASA Naps," to address the serious problem of astronauts facing obstacles in task execution due to shortened sleep times in space. Results showed that astronauts who napped for an average of 26 minutes during the day experienced a 34% increase in cognitive ability and a 54% improvement in attention.

Therefore, if the previous night's sleep quality is not optimal or the sleep duration is insufficient, taking a short nap during lunch or work breaks can effectively eliminate drowsiness, alleviate fatigue, replenish energy, and reduce the accumulation of hidden fatigue.

3. Exercise and Rest

Exercise is well-known for promoting physical health. It helps relax muscles, alleviate body tension, improve blood circulation, and thereby promotes rest, reduces physical fatigue, enhances sleep quality, and aids in revitalization. Moreover, exercise is a magical remedy for relieving psychological fatigue and promoting a joyful mood.

  • Engage in Micro Movements Incorporate simple movements to overcome the fatigue and harm caused by prolonged sitting. Stand up, stretch your neck, extend your back, rotate your arms, swing your legs, and shake off the accumulated fatigue from sitting.

  • Stay Hydrated and Move Around Use the opportunity to rest when replenishing your water. Prepare a smaller water bottle, and when it's empty, get up, walk to the water dispenser, take a sip, achieving short-term rest, mild exercise, and sufficient hydration all at once.

4. Outdoor Breaks

Spending time outdoors can address various issues. Sunlight exposure stimulates the production of vitamin D, natural light can reduce the risk of myopia and diseases, alleviate eye fatigue, and natural light helps regulate the biological clock and mood. Existing scientific research suggests that sunlight levels affect serotonin levels—a key neurotransmitter in mood regulation.

  • Walk or Cycle to Work Choose to walk or cycle on your way to work, exposing yourself to sunlight and incorporating a green, low-carbon, and healthy approach to commuting.

  • Take a Moment by the Window During Breaks Even if the indoor lighting is sufficient and bright, it still lacks the brightness and intensity of natural light on a sunny day by more than 10 times. If your schedule is too busy, and there is limited time during work, try standing by the window during breaks to absorb natural light, which can promote the secretion of serotonin.

5. Dietary Rest

When fatigued, people often uncontrollably crave high-sugar, high-salt, and high-carbohydrate foods. This is because after high-intensity physical and mental labor, blood sugar levels drop, leading to irritability or low mood. The body urgently needs sugar, donuts, and cola to instantly raise blood sugar levels.

However, high blood sugar levels stimulate the excessive release of insulin to convert excess sugar into energy. High-sugar foods cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by a rapid drop, and if the body experiences such blood sugar fluctuations for a long time, it can lead to a sugar crash, causing insulin resistance. This hinders the effective use of glucose, resulting in energy insufficiency, leading to fatigue and weakness. Moreover, high sugar intake may trigger inflammation in the body, disrupting normal energy metabolism and immune system function. Numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between chronic inflammation and fatigue.

Therefore, a high-sugar and high-carbohydrate diet not only fails to alleviate fatigue but also causes chronic fatigue. So, what to do when you really want to eat something when feeling tired? Look for dipeptides, which can help combat fatigue in the body.

It is widely known that migratory birds change their habitats regularly with the seasons, requiring long-distance continuous flight without resting. What supports them to fly at high speeds for an extended period without rest? Scientists studying the anti-fatigue mechanism of migratory birds discovered a large amount of dipeptides in the humerus of these birds.

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Dipeptides are a type of protein and are undoubtedly the most potent anti-fatigue component, widely distributed in humans and certain animals. During the evolution process, animals increased the dipeptide content in parts with high energy consumption, such as the human brain and skeletal muscles, fish fins, and poultry chests. Dipeptide synthase is distributed densely in the body's most fatigued parts, promoting the synthesis of dipeptides, playing a crucial role in precise anti-fatigue effects.

Fortunately, dipeptides can be supplemented through diet. When digested, dipeptides temporarily break down into two amino acids, transported to various parts of the body with the blood flow. In the most fatigued parts, dipeptides are re-synthesized through "dipeptide synthase," exerting their effects. 

In our diet, chicken breast is the food with the highest dipeptide content. Chicken breast is not only a top choice for weight loss due to its low calorie and high protein content but is also essential because consuming 100g of chicken breast can absorb and utilize 200mg of dipeptides, significantly relieving skeletal muscle fatigue caused during exercise.

So, when you're feeling exhausted and can't resist hunger, chicken breast, chicken jerky, and chicken sausage will be your best choices to relieve fatigue, recover quickly, and satisfy your fitness cravings. In conclusion, fatigue is like a debt, and if not relieved in a timely manner, it will gradually accumulate and escalate into chronic fatigue. Effective rest is the key to clearing this fatigue debt. Timely self-care, adjusting your lifestyle, and incorporating various methods can help prevent the occurrence and accumulation of fatigue, ensuring that you can maintain both physical and mental health with abundant energy.

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