See your health metrics all in one place

Get a closer look at your blood pressure,oxygen saturation (SpO2), body temperature variations and more, all on your Health Metrics dashboard

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New ways to uncover changes in your well-being

Blood Pressure

Measure the level of blood pressure to help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes.

Heart Rate Variability

Track the variation of time between heartbeats each night. A significant decrease may indicate your body is showing potential signs of stress, illness or fatigue.

Skin Temperature

Easily uncover changes to your wellbeing and discover potential signs of a fever or illness by tracking skin temperature variation.**

Breathing Rate

Measure your average breaths per minute at night, then use the Fitbit app to see your stats and help you learn if there are signs of significant changes.

Oxygen Saturation (Sp02)

 Measure the level of oxygen in your blood to help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes in your fitness and wellness.

First Record Data For Your Body

Understand Your Blood Pressure Levels

While it may sound like the name of a famous Doctor ,BP Doctor actually refers to the blood pressure of your body. With the free BP clock face, your BP Doctor smartwatch will track your nightly average BP levels. Then, you can use BP Doctor smartwatch App to track your trends over time and see when there may be indications of important changes in your fitness and wellness. 

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