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Stretching while lying down can relieve back pain! Isn't it super simple?

The causes of back pain are often different depending on age. For example, young people are usually caused by wrong posture. In addition, it is also because the joints connecting the lumbar spine and pelvis are not easy to stretch. In addition, posture for a long time can easily lead to joint stiffness. Symptoms that cause low back pain.

In fact, through a very simple leg hugging exercise, you can stretch the pelvis and lumbar joints, allowing you to gradually improve the symptoms of low back pain!

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1. Lie flat on the bed in the most relaxed position possible.

2. Relax and straighten one foot, and bend the other foot. Hold your knees with your hands and take a deep breath. During the process of exhaling, lift the thighs as close as possible to the chest and abdomen. At this time, the muscles in the buttocks and the back of the thighs will feel tensed. After exhaling, take a deep breath again and slightly relax your arms, legs and buttocks, and wait for the next round of exhalation before hugging your knees; repeat this action 20 times.


3. After doing 20 reps on one side, switch feet. Doing both sides counts as one set, and do at least three sets of cycles each time.

During the process, you can feel the tendons in the buttocks, or the lower back is a little sore, that is, the pelvis, lumbar spine and articulation joints are stretched.

If the softness is not so good, you may find that your straight feet float up. At this time, you can relax again and keep your straight feet as flat as possible against the bed.

You can stay for a deep breath each time, or you can adjust it according to your personal situation. The main thing is to stretch to the joints, not to stay as long as possible.

Please note

Raise one foot up, hold the lower edge of the knee with both hands, and raise the thigh up as flat as possible to touch the stomach and chest, so that the buttock muscles feel tensed, and then return to relax and straighten. This process is counted as 1 time, and the side is changed after 20 times on one side. Do a total of 3 sets of circuits each time (20 left - 20 right - 20 left - 20 right - 20 left - 20 right).

Prolonged sitting is also a root cause of low back pain. BP Smartwatch can remind you when you are sedentary.