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The strength of the lungs is obtained through exercise. The most effective way is to promote the blood circulation of the lungs and enhance lung capacity through exercise. The so-called lung capacity does not refer to the enlargement of the lungs, but the maintenance of the elasticity of the alveoli. Only a lung with good elasticity and sufficient moisture can be freely retracted and adjusted to adjust the qi needed by the body.

Exercise can increase lung function, such as running, swimming, walking, etc. Especially during muscle exercise, the carbon dioxide produced will stimulate the respiratory center of the human body, making breathing faster and lung capacity larger. The muscles are exercised, and the elasticity is also strengthened.


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• Yoga, Pilates exercises

Yoga stretching and Pilates are both abdominal exercises that emphasize deep breathing. Although the movements are gentle and slow, in the process of stretching and stretching, with breathing, both can exercise the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Reach the effect of strengthening the lung muscles and preventing decline.

The training of yoga and Pilates starts from stabilizing the axis of the body, and then moves to the whole body. Step by step, from shallow to deep, and the difficulty of the movement can also be determined by the strength of the muscles. The strength and training level can be determined by the individual's physical strength. Daily stretching can exercise the deep abdominal muscles and allow deep breathing. It becomes easier and is of great help to the lung function that declines due to age.


• Aerial Yoga

1. Kneel on the ground, sit on your buttocks on your heels, and clasp your hands behind your back.

2. Take a deep breath, exhale and at the same time lean your upper body forward, put your forehead on the ground, and lift your hands upside down.

3. Take slow, deep breaths and feel the expansion of your wrists and chest.

4. Please do it according to the softness of the individual body. Do not force it to avoid injury. Just feel the tension of the chest and wrist.


• Jogging

Jogging is the most helpful for cardiopulmonary function and prevents the decline of lung function. But pay attention to the way of breathing during jogging. You should use "abdominal breathing", that is, to inhale the air into the abdomen. At this time, the stomach will expand. , the stomach will disappear, and it feels like the breathing action is in the stomach instead of the lungs.

The purpose of abdominal breathing is to use the abdominal muscles to help the diaphragm move, so as to increase the alveolar ventilation, reduce the respiratory rate, and relieve the symptoms of dyspnea caused by the disease.

To achieve the effect of nourishing the lungs and fitness, it is best to do it more than three times a week, about 20 minutes to half an hour each time. The intensity should be such that you can talk to people while running without feeling uncomfortable or panting. The focus is on the time and environment of jogging. It is best to choose a park, early morning or dusk, when the air is better, there are more green plants, and there is sufficient oxygen.

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Smartwatches are equipped with built-in sensors and exercise tracking features that can monitor your sports activities, including steps, runs, rides, etc. By recording and analyzing your exercise data, smartwatches can help you track your physical activity, assess exercise intensity, and continuously improve your lung function progress.