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The hot weather in summer always makes people want to move. If you must go outside, how can you keep yourself as cool as possible? If something happens to the heated body, is there any way to deal with it? Let's take a look together.

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1 Stay indoors during the hottest time of the day

From 10am to 4pm, it was very hot outside. Stay indoors or in another air-conditioned place to stay cool and avoid harsh sunlight.

  • For example, if you want a low-cost activity, go to the library to study, or go shopping at the mall.
  • If you want to have fun with friends, go to a restaurant, visit a museum or watch a movie.


2 If you stay outside for a long time, find a shady place to rest

Avoid staying in direct sunlight for more than 30-45 minutes during the day. When you're outdoors, sit under a tree, umbrella, or tent to rest and recover.

  • If you're going somewhere that doesn't have a lot of shade to rest in, be sure to bring an umbrella or tent. In an emergency, you can also sit in the trunk of the SUV, or sit in the car with the windows open.


3 If you want to have fun outside, go somewhere cooler

For example, mountains, dense forests, rivers and valleys, etc., these places have natural breezes, which are cool and pleasant. If you want to be outdoors, schedule a day for a hike in a shady forest, or a walk along a breezy river or stream.

  • The wind doesn't blow all the time in these places, but it is more windy than other places.


4 Wear light-colored clothing to keep your body cool

Lightweight, light-colored clothing, such as white, light blue, light brown, light pink, and light yellow, are the best options for staying cool. If you're at the beach or at home, wear something less, such as a tank top, shorts, or a bathing suit. If traveling or going to work, wear lightweight clothing such as linen, cotton, silk, or other breathable fabrics.

  • When trying on, look for loose and flowy cuts that keep you cool and don't constrict you so much.

5 If you start to feel unwell, get out of the hot place for a while

If you start to feel dizzy or uncomfortable outside during the day, go indoors to a cool place and drink at least 1900ml of water; rest for at least 2 hours before going outside again. Things like dizziness, headaches, or stomach pains can be early symptoms of heat stroke, which can be severe.

  • Profuse sweating, slurred or incoherent speech, convulsions, chills, and vomiting are more serious. If you see someone with these symptoms call an ambulance right away.
  • If you can't cool down once you're indoors, soak your body in cold water, or place ice packs under your armpits, the back of your neck, and your groin. If you still don't feel cool within 5 minutes, call an ambulance.

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