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The weather is getting hotter and you can often hear words like "I'm annoying" and "Don't mess with me". Irritability will not only affect normal work and training life, but also disrupt harmonious interpersonal relationships. More importantly, if you can't extricate yourself from irritability for a long time, your physical and mental health will be damaged. When you feel irritable, try the following 4 methods to restart your mood to extinguish the "fire of irritability" in your heart.

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Also called the spiritual victory method, when one's needs cannot be met, in order to eliminate or alleviate the inner distress, deliberately find out some "reasons" to comfort oneself, seek psychological balance, and prevent deviations in thinking and behavior .

Self-deprecation is a way of people's psychological defense, an art of life, a kind of self-consolation and self-help, and a positive and optimistic attitude towards life setbacks and adversities. In real life, in the face of unsatisfactory things, if you can change it, of course you should do your best to turn passive into active. If it is a foregone conclusion and irreversible, instead of being stubborn, it is better to relax the tense nerves, to laugh at yourself, to comfort yourself, and to admit the reality. For example, when you get off your job or fail an exam, you don’t need to worry too much. You can tell yourself: this is just an opportunity to redesign yourself, and maybe you can find a position where you can give full play to your strengths.


Positive Mental Suggestions

Psychological suggestion refers to the psychological characteristics of people accepting the influence of external or other people's wishes, ideas, emotions, judgments and attitudes.

Positive hints will produce good effects corresponding to the hints, and can play a role in dispelling restless emotions and stabilizing thoughts. Especially when you are depressed and depressed, you should actively hint to yourself and do your own ideological work well. Remind yourself that this is normal and that the clouds will clear, and also think about some good times and things you can be proud of in the past. For example, when you feel irritable and want to get angry, imply to yourself that "anger can't solve any problems at all" and "don't get angry, getting angry is harmful to your body and mind"; There will be progress", etc., and then go to work with confidence and high spirits.


Chat transfer method

Psychological research shows that everyone has the desire and need to communicate with others, and chatting with someone has a very good psychological adjustment function. Chatting can not only express thoughts and emotions, and harmonize the relationship between each other, but also resolve bad emotions, improve mood, and calm people who are in irritability quickly.

In work and life, many people do not want others to know what is on their minds, and are unwilling to express their feelings. This will not only be of no help in solving problems, but will also aggravate irritability, and may cause psychological barriers over time. The correct approach is, when you have negative emotions such as depression, irritability, and depression that cannot be resolved, you may wish to open up and chat with your parents and close friends, so that the negative emotions can be released with words.


Active Release Act

If the first three methods are psychotherapy, then the law of activity release is substance therapy. When you feel depressed and irritable because of something or someone, you can eliminate the irritability by consuming physical energy. To this end, you can participate in some beneficial activities, such as running, playing ball, doing physical work, or singing, dancing and so on.

Excessive oxygen consumption will send information to your adrenaline system to help stop irritability and hyperactivity, so that the pent-up negative emotions can be vented, and the exhaustion of the body can be used to curb the depression of the mood through physical exhaustion. The originally very irritable mood It can be effectively relieved, and the mood can naturally be relaxed. There are also some relatively static ways to resolve restlessness. For example, pressing and rubbing the Neiguan point, pressing the eyeballs, pulling the earlobe or rubbing the temples can all stimulate the brain nerves and suppress irritability.

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If you want to get rid of restlessness through exercise, a smart watch is a good auxiliary tool. It tracks your exercise and fitness progress and provides a guide to health recommendations. Not only will this keep you focused on your fitness, but it will also help reduce feelings of stress and irritability.