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People of all ages can benefit from a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate physical activity and a balanced diet. Our nutritional needs and exercise requirements change as we age. However, there is growing evidence of the importance of regular exercise for older adults. Maintaining and restoring health can be influenced by an active lifestyle.

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Gym ball

This gentle form of exercise is gaining popularity among older generations as they age. A properly executed exercise can enhance muscle strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. You can do this exercise fairly easily. Exercises like this provide mild stress on joints and muscles compared to traditional forms of yoga.

According to some sources, exercise ball or chair yoga can improve the mental health of older adults, while also having a positive impact on their physical health. Regular practice of this movement has also been shown to improve sleep quality and well-being in older adults.


Training with resistance bands

During cardio and other resistance-building exercises, resistance bands or expanders can have a positive effect on various muscle groups in the body.

Chest expansion exercise is one of the most convenient, simplest and most common forms of exercise, especially popular with the elderly. It can be super safe and provide maximum results when it comes to an active body and mind. Additionally, these exercises can be done indoors or outdoors. These exercises especially improve your posture and increase your flexibility.


Walk regularly

This is one of the most convenient and effective forms of activity that people of all ages can do without any side effects. People of all ages can benefit from walking, which is a less stressful form of exercise. Some older adults may have difficulty walking due to complications from musculoskeletal medications.

However, if your health allows it, it can be helpful to include short walks in your routine.

Daily walking can strengthen muscle groups, reduce the risk of diabetes, and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases. You can also use this time to chat with your family and relax.


Harmful Exercise for Seniors

While being physically active is a great way to stay healthy, however, there are certain types of exercise that are not suitable for older adults. Applying a young person's training program to an older person's routine may do more harm than good.

It is important to know that the bodies of older adults are very different from the bodies of young adolescents. Exhaustion and stress should be judged according to their physical and mental capabilities. What you can do is stress their body with the simplest exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the core. This will help you gain or lose weight.

Exercise not suitable for the elderly

Some extensive and intense exercise can cause damage to the body of the elderly. Light yoga, regular walks, and minimal muscle-strengthening stress are fine, but any excess can cause damage. When you reach a certain age, the following exercises should be avoided entirely.

  • Bench press
  • Leg press
  • Long-distance running
  • Sit-ups
  • High intensity training

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Persistence is key, so you have to remember that even if you do the smallest amount each day, your health will definitely improve. BP Smartwatch accurately detects your exercise and physical condition to escort your exercise.